How To Become Healthy From Health Jurisprudence

According to Ahsin Alhafidz in his book Health Jurisprudence, How To Become Healthy, there are 4 kinds, namely:

How To Become Healthy?

a. Promotional efforts

health promotion

Promotive efforts in the health sector are efforts to improve conditions from those that are already good or healthy to better or healthier. This promotive effort is reflected in the verse which explains that humans are prohibited from dropping themselves, both physically and spiritually. That is, humans are obliged to maintain and even increase it.34 Allah says in  Al-quran Al-Baqarah (2): 195 :

وَاَنْفِقُوْا فِيْ سَبِيْلِ اللّٰهِ وَلَا تُلْقُوْا بِاَيْدِيْكُمْ اِلَى التَّهْلُكَةِ ۛ وَاَحْسِنُوْا ۛ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِيْنَ

"And spend (your possessions) in the way of Allah, and do not throw yourself into destruction, and do good, for Allah loves those who do good."

b. Preventive efforts

prevention health

Preventive efforts are efforts to prevent or protect from the occurrence of disease. Preventing disease is better than treating disease. Maintaining health values ​​is a panacea like no other. This is in accordance with the principles: "Prevention is better than cure

In addition to preventing various diseases, preventive efforts taught by religion include maintaining cleanliness, regulating diet, exercising and also getting enough rest.

c. Curative efforts

Curative efforts are healing efforts, in Islam it is taught that when we are sick we are required to seek treatment. This is in accordance with the hadith of the prophet:

Curative efforts

“Has told us Bishr bin Mu'adz Al 'Aqadi, has told us Abu 'Awanah from Ziyad bin Ilaqah from Osama bin Sharik he said; The Baduwi Arabs said, "O Messenger of Allah, don't we have to seek treatment (if we are sick)?" He replied: "Yes, O servants of Allah, seek treatment, indeed Allah did not create a disease but also created a cure for it except for one disease." They asked, "What disease is that, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: "That is old disease (senile)." Abu Isa said; The hadith is increasingly narrated from Ibn Mas'ud, Abu Hurairah, Abu Khuzaimah from his father and Ibn Abbas. And this is an authentic hasan hadith."

d. Rehabilitation efforts


Rehabilitative efforts are efforts to improve or restore a condition from being sick to being healthier. This effort needs to be done so as not to fall into a worse condition. Allah says in QS. Ar-ra'd (13): 11, following:

"For humans there are angels who always follow him in turns, in front of and behind him, they guard him by Allah's command. Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And if Allah wills evil for a people, then no one can refuse it; and there is no protector for them but Him."

2 kinds of efforts to obtain health

Meanwhile, according to Leavel and Clark, there are 2 kinds of efforts to obtain health, namely:

a. Promotional efforts

Promotive efforts are to improve optimal health status or degrees, and are a very important first step in existing antenatal services, with an emphasis on promotive activities. The target is a group of healthy mothers.

b. Preventive efforts

Preventive efforts are health promotion efforts to prevent disease. The target is a group of people at high risk. The goal is to prevent risk groups

height and so as not to fall ill (primary prevention). Forms of activity are immunization, antenatal care, perinatal and neonatal checks.

The benefits of both efforts are to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase the presentation of cases detected early
  • Reduce the incidence of complications
  • Improve quality of life.

In its development, to overcome health problems including Leavel's and Calrk's disease, prevention efforts are divided into 3 stages, namely:

Primary prevention: 

Carried out when the individual has not yet suffered from illness, the efforts made are:

  • Health promotion aimed at increasing the body's resistance to health problems.
  • Specific protection: specific efforts to prevent the transmission of certain diseases, such as immunization, improving youth skills to prevent invitations to use narcotics, to cope with stress and others.
Secondary prevention: done when the individual starts to get sick

  • Early diagnosis and prompt treatment (early diagnosis and prompt treatment), the main objectives of this action are a) to prevent the spread of the disease if the disease is an infectious disease and b) to treat and stop the disease process, cure the sick and prevent complications and disabled.
  • Limitation of disability (disability limitation) at this stage the defects that occur are overcome, especially to prevent the disease from becoming sustainable and resulting in even worse defects.
  • Tertiary prevention: carried out at the healing stage

Rehabilitation, in this process, efforts are made so that the disability suffered does not become an obstacle so that the suffering individual can function optimally physically, mentally and socially.

Those are some tips on How To Become Healthy From Health Jurisprudence. May be useful.

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