What is Spiritual Health and its Characteristics.

What is spiritual or psychological health? According to Zakiah Drajat as quoted by In'amuzzahidin Masyhudi and Nurul Wahyu Arvitasari are:

Avoidance of a person from mental disorders and symptoms of mental illness, who is able to adapt, is able to deal with the suitability of mental functions (no conflict) and feels that he is valuable, useful and happy, and can use his potential as optimally as possible.

If a person's psychological (spiritual) wants to be healthy, then that person must keep away from stress, anxiety, worry, anxiety, anxiety to depression and hopelessness. People who are psychologically healthy usually like to forgive, like to give, and love to love others and when they work they are happy and don't think of it as a burden, so they feel happy within themselves. This happiness is what makes spiritually healthy, because there are no thoughts that weigh down his soul.

The following are the main characteristics of a person who is spiritually healthy:

a. Having faith that is the basis of all his attitudes and behavior.

People who believe will function their faith as control of life that still has the dignity of a noble human being. In addition, they also have a strong support when experiencing a severe crisis storm, because the burden can be delegated to their protector, namely Allah.


b. Able to free himself from heart diseases

Liver disease that often afflicts humans is a source of mental disorders. Which includes heart disease, namely envy, revenge, prejudice, showing off, arrogant or greedy. The nature of envy preys on the virtues of the perpetrator because the perpetrator spends energy busy thinking about other people's problems and trying to make the favors for others just disappear.

c. Able to adapt to reality

In everyday human life, humans are faced with various conditions, some are pleasant and some are not. When he finds happiness he is grateful and when he finds misfortune he is patient. He always sees the positive value in every misfortune that befalls him. While people who are unable to adapt to reality generally have an unstable mentality, they always regret themselves and others with the existing conditions. When he gets a favor he is very happy and when he experiences misfortune he seems to be cornered and humiliated.

d. Able to get satisfaction from the struggle of his life

By working, humans get gifts from God which we must be grateful for because everyone gets something different so we should not feel jealous. Many people are not satisfied with what they have obtained and always feel lacking. This makes him never grateful for what he has obtained. Envy in this section leads to mental disorders, the destruction of moral and religious joints because it is like rejecting what God has given us.

satisfaction from the struggle of his life

e. It's easier to give than to receive

The Qur'an encourages people to always give to those in need. Mentally healthy people behave happily when they can help others in need with what they have. There is a sense of happiness in him when he can share with others without expecting a greater reward.

f. Able to establish relationships with other people and mutually beneficial.

Humans are social creatures, they cannot survive without other people. While living alone from the lives of many people is a very sad thing and has a bad impact on mental health.

g. Free from anxiety or tension

Anxiety is one of the causes of tension in humans which can result in hormonal disorders and a strong influence on the whole body system. People who are mentally healthy always try to free themselves from the shackles of anxiety by putting their trust in Allah and accepting whatever happens after he tries as optimally as possible.

h. Able to direct problems into solutions

Mentally healthy people try to shift the problems that confront them to constructive things. Because if there is a determination to get out of a problem, God will help there too, especially if that person cultivates his piety.

i. Have a sense of loyalty to each other

What distinguishes humans from animals is sensitivity and social solidarity. Humans have a race of sympathy and empathy for the suffering of others and these feelings are instinctive but can be blunted depending on the environment.

heart disease

In fact, a faster way to treat spiritual or psychosomatic health is to believe and practice religious teachings seriously in word and deed because it is religion that can guide and guide people towards true life and inner and outer prosperity.

Meanwhile, Allah does not send down a teaching without guidance in the form of books or messengers. Considering that the Qur'an is a book of instructions that can heal, then in it there is a medicine that will lead people to a healthy life, both spiritually and physically.

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