How to Make a Cloth Mask at Home for Covid-19

How to make a cloth mask at home according to health rules so as to prevent the transmission of Covid-19? Well, in the article below, we will provide complete and easy-to-understand tips below.

How to Make a Cloth Mask

Medical masks and N95 masks are designed for single use only, while cloth masks are designed to be reusable as long as they are made of good materials and the washing method is also appropriate. Here's how to make a cloth mask, quoted from The Victorian Government.

Materials needed to make a cloth mask:

  • Exterior with a size of 25 cm x 25 cm, waterproof material (polyester / polypropylene)
  • The middle part with a size of 25 cm x 25 cm, a mixture of materials (polyester cotton blend / polypropylene)
  • The inside with a size of 25 cm x 25 cm, water absorbent material (cotton)
  • Straps 2 pieces @ 20 cm elastic rubber

The material must be in good condition and intact, and this size is the standard adult size so that the size can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer.

Step by step how to make a cloth mask at home

To make your own cloth mask at home, follow the step by step steps below:

  • Cut out three pieces of material (according to the provisions for 3 layers of masks) in a rectangular shape measuring 25 cm x 25 cm, or 1 piece for each material.
masks with 3 layer
  • Each material folds 1 cm at the top and bottom for hems and seams (see the following picture).
cloth a mask
  • Fold each material 1.5 cm for the hem both on the left and right sides of the material (see the following picture).
make a masks
  • Insert a 20 cm long elastic rope into the cloth that was hem on the left and right. So that the rope is easy to enter then use a safety pin or large needle to insert the rope. Then tie the two ends tightly or sew them together.
how to make masks

Those are tips on how to make a cloth masks at home in accordance with health recommendations and rules, by making your own masks at home, you will be able to save costs for buying masks on a regular basis. Greetings healthy and good luck.

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