Healthy Life Revolution from Prophet Muhammad

In the midst of the advancement of science and the development of modern super-sophisticated technology, human life is increasingly prosperous and happy to enjoy the unlimited luxury of the world. Behind this progress, modern humans now seem to be lulled by worldly pleasures that offer a variety of sophisticated facilities and means of living.

Healthy Life Revolution

However, sometimes the pleasure that is felt is often not in line with expectations, because of various kinds of diseases that infect the body. As a result, the perceived worldly luxury does not provide a guarantee that various diseases will always haunt you at any time.

The proof is that there are so many people who live in prosperity and are well off with a very vicious disease that puts psychological pressure on the journey

his life. You all know that the luxury of the world does not necessarily guarantee that you will be free from disease and that your health will always look good. The reality on the ground, many diseases infect people who live in the glitter of wealth and a life of luxury because they can enjoy all kinds of food they want.

However, it does not mean that people who live in poor conditions will be free from diseases that can interfere with health. Everything depends on your intelligence in managing a healthy lifestyle which every day will surely face various challenges. This is because the disease that comes to you is not due to poor or rich factors, but depends on your intelligence in caring for the body with full responsibility and awareness. In the midst of various diseases that always accompany the environment, awareness in managing a healthy lifestyle becomes very important.

This is where it is important for you to change your mindset or mindset about a healthy way of life that is in accordance with medical advice as well as an example of the Prophet's way of life in maintaining a diet. It is time for you to realize that a healthy life is not only a primary requirement in carrying out all activities, but has also become an important part of religious teachings that are very concerned about health. A healthy life revolution seems to be a necessity in the midst of apathy or indifference to the importance of maintaining stamina in order to continue to appear prime in carrying out every duty and responsibility as a caliph on earth.

The healthy life revolution is a set of behaviors that you practice on the basis of awareness as a result of learning, which makes a person, family, group or community able to push themselves to achieve the health status you expect.

Your self-improvement to achieve a degree of health is not only a reality of life that you must live, but it has led to your responsibility to God's great grace in providing enjoyment of life in the world. It is time for you to think ahead to make the health aspect a necessity that must be met in various sectors of life. This is because, changing the mindset about the high price of health is still a homework for you to strengthen your explosive power in campaigning for "healthy living".

In revolutionizing a healthy lifestyle to become more prime, it's actually not as difficult as imagined, the important thing is that you know how and what steps to take. If you are well aware that your lifestyle must be changed, starting from eating patterns, sleeping regularly, to diligently exercising, from now on you need to leave bad habits that hinder your physical and spiritual development.

Then, why should you revolutionize your lifestyle? The lifestyle revolution lies not only in having to regulate irregular eating patterns, but also relates to your lifestyle problems in carrying out various activities that require excellent energy and mind. If you are able to change your lifestyle for the better then you can enjoy health as a very extraordinary gift from God. The lifestyle revolution is to make this lifestyle better and leave bad habits.

Healthy habits will of course bring good to your body's health, both physically and spiritually. For those of you who want to live a healthy life, you need to start early to always care about what is inside of you. In everyday life, you may still remember the well-known idiom, namely a sound mind in a sound body (in a healthy body there is a healthy soul). This expression reflects an appreciation of the importance of maintaining a lifestyle so that your soul also experiences stability without the emergence of chaos syndrome in your every mind and heart.

You need to know that to get a healthy soul, you must start with a prime body first so as to produce optimal body balance. That is, in order to revolutionize the mental or soul that is within you, you must start by revolutionizing your lifestyle to become healthier first. This is the main requirement that you need to do for a dream to be able to live a healthy life both physically and spiritually.

From an early age you need to instill confidence that you will always change your bad lifestyle and patterns and try to learn to live life with discipline and order. For those of you who are used to living life with discipline and order, you will definitely feel a pleasure in life that has never been felt before. You should also never feel that it is difficult to revolutionize a lifestyle, because on the contrary that living a healthy lifestyle is very easy and very enjoyable. Especially if you live it with a lot of spaciousness so that it will make it easier for you and your dream to always be healthy every day.

Rest assured that maintaining a healthy body is not only important to achieve a level of balance in life, but also as part of your obligation to maintain the five important components of religious teachings, namely maintaining religion, lineage, soul, mind, and property. The obligation to take care of your body is part of a balance that must be lived in order to carry out all activities. All systems in the body, starting from the digestive system, respiratory system, metabolic system, and others carry out their functions that are interrelated with each other in the beautiful symphony of the creator's work.

Now how do you maintain a balance so that your body always becomes healthy. Often you underestimate the importance of health which in Islam is very emphasized to maintain a lifestyle to avoid all kinds of diseases. Indifference to the importance of health makes you forget the ways of life that are in accordance with medical advice or the lifestyle that the Prophet Muhammad lived as an exemplary inspiration in maintaining health.

As a servant of Allah, each of you needs a healthy lifestyle so that you can support all the activities you will do, including in worshiping or earning a living for your family. Moreover, humans were created in this world to become caliphs and worship Allah so that they need excellent stamina in carrying out His commands. So, these two functions will not be able to be carried out properly, without the health of every human being. That way, every human being who carries out the caliphate process is required to always be in a healthy condition by maintaining the lifestyle and food consumed.

Seeing the importance of health, Islam has its own view about the obligation of its people not to ignore the rights of the body that require a healthy lifestyle. Al-Quran and hadith which is a way of life for believers, it turns out that many things related to health, be it in the form of orders, recommendations, or prohibitions. The many explanations contained in these two guidelines for life seem to show how important the meaning of health is for a human being so that it receives the same attention as in worshiping Allah.

In the next article in the Prophet's Healthy Living category, you will be presented with views on the importance of health in Islam as part of the Prophet's advice who never neglected a healthy lifestyle from childhood until he was called to God. So, this book seeks to unravel the Prophet's healthy way of life who is an example for every human being to always maintain stamina and physical fitness when carrying out Allah's commands or carrying out muamalah which is also part of religious orders.

By knowing the life pattern of the Prophet who always pays attention to health, you are always given physical and spiritual strength to start living a healthy life without any pressure from anyone.

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