How to Make Wifi Faster 100% Easily

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how to make wifi faster

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How to Make Wifi Faster Easily

The current era of technology certainly cannot be separated from what is called the internet. Yes, of course everyone uses internet access everyday to support work. There are also those who use the internet as a facility to play online games and even learn from the internet. Well, of course, everything is called internet access and of course internet access is smooth.

Some people use Wifi as a facility to connect to the internet. Except for the low price, Wifi generally has a smooth network. If the Wifi network you are using has problems or is slow, it will definitely hinder all the work you are doing. Here are ways you can do to speed up the Wifi network so that it supports all the routines you do.

Step by step How to Make Wifi Faster easily

Replacing a New Router

Generally, routers that have been around for a long time often have errors or the signal is often weak. So you should change a new router so that the network is good again and for those of you who want a smooth network, this step is right to try.

Placing the Router in a vital location

Placing Wifi in a vital location is something that needs to be paid attention to, so that the signal issued will go completely on your computer. Place the Wifi on top and try not to be so close to the wall where this can result in hampering the signal being spread.

Add Wifi Repeater Device

Repeater is a device that is made to widen the wifi signal. By doing this, our wifi will be smoother and have a wider scope.

Controlling the Antenna Status on the Router

This step is easy, namely by controlling the status of the wifi antenna until the signal returns to normal. This step can be done when the wifi signal starts to decrease or slow down. But you shouldn't play the wifi antenna often because an error or signal loss can occur.

Using the Heatmapping Program

This program is really useful for improving signal quality on wifi. With this program you can identify how the status of the router's antenna is right so that it produces a constant signal. Besides, with this program you can control or signal wifi as you wish.

Reduce Wifi users

Nowadays, many people use wifi, especially if there is free wifi, there must be many users. If this happens often, the wifi network will automatically slow down. To handle this, don't share your wifi password so that there are fewer users. If there are few users, the network will run smoothly and there will be no problems.

Change the Frequency to 5GHz

The wifi frequency is separated into two, namely the 2.4 GHz frequency and the 5 GHz frequency. It all depends on the needs that you want to meet and match with the user. Nowadays, some people use electronics with a 2.4 GHz frequency and to take into account the ongoing slow network on wifi, you should change it to 5 GHz to make it lighter and of course the device has support or can be switched to 5 GHz frequency.

Contacting the ISP

The last step that needs to be done is to immediately contact the experts and ask for a solution. The ISP officer must fix it and tell where the trigger is that the wifi can be slow. This step is quite easy, namely by contacting the ISP number and giving your address, because it will soon arrive and immediately fix the wifi network that is having problems.

Those are some guides on how to How to Make Wifi Faster easily that you are using. Hopefully with this article I can share info and can be useful for all of you. Thank you for visiting.

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