Fried Rice with Egg and How to Make it

How to make fried rice with egg? Who doesn't know fried rice? This authentic Indonesian food is so familiar to the ears and the tongue. Not a few foreign tourists visiting Indonesia did not miss tasting fried rice with various flavors. Do you still remember that this one food is the favorite food of Barack Obama, the former president of the United States.

Fried Rice with Egg

Fried rice is one of the fastest choices for housewives when they are in a hurry to make food for their families. No wonder this method of making simple fried rice is the choice of career women for breakfast because of its convenience.

Not only for housewives, but cheap and quickly served food can also be a practical choice for boarding children. Or for those of you who don't have enough money and also want to cook for yourself.

It's not difficult to make fried rice. The rice is mixed with various spices and accompaniments and then fried until all the flavors come together. That is why fried rice has a delicious and appetizing taste.

Does it require special skills?

The mainstay menu of the Indonesian people at breakfast does not need special skills or a long time to make it. Not only for breakfast, fried rice can also be served at dinner. As we know, there are lots of street vendors who sell fried rice dishes at night with their wheelbarrows around the settlement.

There are also various variations of fried rice, as well as how to make the fried rice seasoning. The variations that you encounter today are because the raw materials used depend on the conditions of the local community.

In Indonesia itself there are various general variations of fried rice such as Javanese fried rice, white fried rice, ordinary fried rice, and many more. Additional menus served for fried rice also vary.

Some are served with an egg, or fried rice wrapped in an omelette egg. Likewise, some are served with sausage and meatballs. You can cook fried rice according to your taste and creation.

How to make this fried rice is fairly easy and you can make it yourself at home. Especially if you want delicious egg fried rice, it's not that complicated, you know. Curious? Here's how to make egg fried rice summarized from various sources

Recipe for making fried rice with egg

Below are the materials needed:
  • 2 plates of chilled white rice
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • Right amount of oil)
  • 1 tomato (halved)

Ground spices:

  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 5 cloves of red onion
  • 11 pieces of cayenne pepper
  • Chicken stock powder (to taste, if you like)
  • Salt to taste)
  • Sugar (to taste)

How to make fried rice with egg

  • Cook scrambled eggs until cooked, set aside briefly on the edge of the pan. Turn down the fire.
  • Saute the spices that have been mashed until fragrant. 3. Enter the tomatoes, cook until wilted. Stir with the eggs until all the ingredients are well combined.
  • Put the rice into the spices and eggs, mix well. Cook the fried rice over medium heat while continuing to stir.
  • Taste correction, add salt or chicken stock powder if you feel the fried rice is not salty enough.
  • Immediately remove the cooked fried rice, serve while still warm with prawn crackers and pickles.

That's the tutorial how to make delicious fried rice with egg. You can make various variations of other fried rice according to your taste. And we will tell you in the next article. Enjoy your cooking.

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