Save Webp as Jpg Easily Without Software

How to save webp as jpg easily without software? Well, this time misnia will share a very easy and fast tutorial about converting webp to jpg. Also read the previous article about Convert JPG to WEBP.

Story chronology

This trick starts with the emergence of images with webp extensions that are increasingly widespread. Where almost every time we download an image, most of the images we encounter from the internet have Webp extensions.

However, in reality we need this image in the form of other extensions such as JPG, PNG, Gif and many more. Then, how to save webp image files into jpg, png, gif and or other formats. Here's the tutorial.

How to Save Webp as JPG without software

In the tutorial below, we use ms Paint to convert webp to jpg, png and other formats. With this Windows default application, you don't have to bother to download or pay for applications from third parties.

The details are in the article below:

  • Open an image with the Webp extension with the Microsoft Paint application
open webp image
  • After the Webp image opens, click File > Save As
  • Select the output file you want
Save Webp as Jpg
  • To end click OK

In the Save as display above, there are 4 options for the output format, which are as follows:

  • PNG Picture : Save a photo or drawing with high quality and use it on your computer or the web
  • JPEG Picture : Save a photo with good quality and use it on your computer, in email, or on the web
  • BMP Picture: Save any kind of picture with high quality and use it on your computer
  • Gif Picture: Save a simple drawing with lower quality and us it in email or on the web
  • Other Formats: Open the save as dialog box to select from all possible file types

That's a short, concise and clear tutorial on How to save webp as jpg using ms paint. In addition to the JPG format, by using the default Microsoft Windows software, you can save Webp files into other formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP Picture and others.

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