How To Open Device Manager Very Easy in 7 Ways

Why do we need to know How To Open Device Manager? What exactly is a device manager? Well, on this occasion will discuss these two things on the Windows operating system.

How To Open Device Manager

What is device manager in Windows?

Briefly, the notion of Device Manager is one of the features in Windows whose function is to manage computer or laptop hardware configuration. Either in the form of information from the hardware or software drivers themselves.

What are the uses and Functions of Device Manager?

The device manager feature will provide various kinds of information from devices connected to the computer such as monitors, hard drives, ram, usb devices, mice, keyboards and other hardware and software drivers.

For computer users, this feature can be used to control all the devices mentioned above. For example :

  • View the name and status of installed hardware and software
  • Remove software that is no longer used or not used.
  • Update the installed driver software
  • Uninstall the driver

Thus, it is very important for computer users to know how to open the device manager. So you can use one of your favorite ways for your daily use.

How To Open Device Manager in Windows

Below are various ways that you can use to open the device manager in Windows. In this demonstration we are using Windows 10. Here is the tutorial.

1. The first way is through Run

  • Press the Start button + R on the keyboard
  • The RUN window appears
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” press Enter or click OK
run devmgmt.msc

2. The second way is via search, type device manager in the search field.


3. The third way is through the power user, place the cursor on the start button > right mouse click > Device manager.

power user device management

4. The fourth way is through the control panel.

  • Type control panel in the search field, press enter
open control panel
  • If the control panel is already open, click hardware and sound.
open hardware and sound
  • Next, in the device and printers section, select device manager.
open device management control panel

5. The fifth way to open Device Manager Through computer management. 

  • Type computer management in the search field
open computer management
  • Device manager
device management from computer

6. The sixth way Through the command prompt (cmd).

  • In the Windows 10 search field, Type cmd
open cmd search bar
  • In CMD, when the command devmgmt.msc
cmd device manager

7. The seventh way Through powershell. 

  • In the search field Type powershell, a powershell window appears
windows powershell
  • Type the command devmgmt.msc to open the device manager.
powershell devmgmt.msc

The seven methods above will automatically display the device manager as shown in the image below

device manager windows 10

Thus the tutorial How To Open Device Manager. You can choose which method and method is the fastest and easiest from the many choices. Hopefully it can be useful.

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