How to open Camera on Windows 10 Very Fast and Easy

How to open Camera on Windows 10 very quickly and easily? If your laptop or desktop computer is equipped with a camera device, then you can use the camera by calling the camera application.

Well, here is a short, concise and quick tutorial on how to use the camera on your laptop or personal computer in just two steps. Let's demonstrate together using the guide below.

Before we move on to this tutorial, we need to clarify again that here, we are using the Windows 10 operating system, all in one desktop PC with a built in camera. Here, we will inform you of the computer hardware from the Device Manager screenshot directly.

device manager windows 10

From the display above, it shows that there is a camera device installed on the Desktop PC. By default, when Windows is installed, the camera driver software is automatically installed.

In the above conditions, the camera device is ready to be used to record and or just take photos of the situation or activities outside the layer. For example recording and making photos of yourself while working in front of layers and or the like.

How to open Camera on Windows 10 Microsoft

How are you friends, are you ready to use your computer or laptop camera? Below are 2 steps how to open and use the camera that we mean above.

  • Type “camera” in the Windows 10 search bar
  • Click Camera
How to open Camera on Windows 10
  • Done

How to use Laptop or Desktop PC camera

After the camera application opens, the camera window will automatically appear. There are two options, namely

  1. Video Mode
  2. Take Photo Mode.
open camera windows 10

If your goal is to want them to have your activities in front of the computer layer, then choose Video Mode.

And vice versa, if you only want to take pictures in the form of photos of your activities in front of the screen, then choose take Photo mode.

The recorded videos and photos will be saved automatically in the Documents Folder. For recordings in the form of videos stored in the Camera Roll folder. Camera photos will also be saved automatically in the saved pictures folder.

Well, how is it, my readers, it's very easy and fast, not How to open Camera on Windows 10. Happy experimenting with your laptop or computer camera.

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