How to Lock Folder in Windows Very Easy

On this occasion we will give a tutorial trick How to Lock Folder in Windows. Why is this important and how? For more details and complete, please read the full article below.

How to Lock Folder in Windows

What is a Folder in the digital age?

In today's digital era, all data is stored in computerized storage media. In this case, the folder is a program on the computer that functions to store a collection or various kinds of files.

What is the main function of Folders?

The main function of a folder is to store files and also at the same time group them based on the type of file itself.

For example, you have a lot of files on your computer, to make finding files easier, you should group them into several sections. So you need to create several containers according to the type of file to store music files, videos, documents, photos and so on.

That's the main function of the folder, you can save video files in a video folder that you have created which is specifically for storing video files, the folder is then named the Video folder.

Likewise with other types of files, stored in their respective folders. Thus, when you need a video file you just have to look for it in the Music folder on your computer.

Why is Lock Folder so important?

Individual data, company data stored in a certain folder and are important of course require special security.

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to lock the folder or lock the folder so that this data will be safe from anyone other than you. So that only you and certain people can open the files in that folder.
Thus, your or your company's important data will be safe and kept confidential.

How to Lock Folder in Windows

In the following, we will provide an easy and fast tutorial to lock folders using the Folder Lock application. Here's a demonstration

  • Download and Install Folder Lock from here
  • Open the app and create a master password for access to unlock and lock folders. If you have made it, then enter the master password to unlock all features
open folder lock
  • On the left menu > Click the Lock Folders menu > Add Items to lock
How to Lock Folder in Windows
  • There are three options, namely Add File(s), Add Folder(s), Add Drive(s). Choose according to your wishes. In this example we choose Add Folder(s) whose purpose is to lock folders.
  • Select several folders that you want to lock
add folder to lock
  • Done. Show all the folders that you have locked
locked folder

How to Unlock Folder in Windows

To unlock a locked folder, the steps are very easy and fast. Namely as follows:

  • Open the folder lock application on your Windows PC or laptop
  • Enter your master password to unlock all features
  • Select Lock Folder
  • Show locked folders
  • Right click on the folder > Unlock
unlock folder in windows

Very easy and fast isn't it. Thus the tutorial How to Lock Folder in Windows is short, concise and clear. This way it will really help you as an individual or company in securing your important data from unauthorized people.

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