Insert Picture In Word 100% Easy And Fast

Below we will share a tutorial on How to insert picture in word easily and quickly by utilizing the Insert feature which makes it easy for users to insert pictures, shapes, icons, 3d Models, Charts, SmartArt, Screenshots and various other media.

add Picture In microsoft Word

Why is it necessary to insert a picture in Word?

Like vegetables without salt, the taste will be bland. Likewise with text without a picture or vice versa. So providing an image in a text will be very useful to clarify, emphasize the meaning and intent of the text itself.

In addition, giving an image to a text or vice versa can be used as an illustration to explain the intent of the text or writing that is made.

Tutorial How to Insert Picture in Word?

Microsoft Word has millions of features that we can use to simplify our work in word processing. In this trick, we will use one of the Insert features. How do I take advantage of this Feature to insert pictures and the like in a Word document? Read more in the tutorial below.

Steo by step How to Insert Picture in Microsoft Word

  • Open the Ms Word application
  • Open your Document or Create a new Microsoft Word document
  • Place the cursor right where the image will be placed.
insert picture in ms word
  • Click the insert menu > Pictures (There are three options This Device…, Stock Images…, Online Pictures > Find the image file and select the image to be inserted.
  • The last step click Insert

    Insert Picture In Word
    • Done
    add Picture In Word

    If you have followed the step by step above correctly, the image will appear in your MS Word document.

    With an image in your document, your writing will become more alive and vice versa, with a written description on the image, the description of the image will become clearer.

    How about readers about the tutorial for insert picture in word? 100% easy and fast isn't it. I hope this article is useful, my friend.

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