Insert Page Border in Word 100% Easy

How to Insert Page Border in Word easily and quickly? The cover page has an important meaning in providing the first explanation of the contents of a document. So it will be more perfect if the page cover of a book, paper, important document or the like is given a touch in the form of a border.

Insert Page Border in Word

In the tutorial below, we will show you the trick How to Insert Page Border in Word on the Cover Page of a Microsoft Word document. This method is not only on the Cover page, but you can also implement it on all the pages you create.

What is a frame or page border and what does it do?

The frame on the cover or other pages commonly referred to as a border is an ornament in the form of a line or art that is located on the edge of the margins. The frame on the document functions as a barrier and another function is as a decoration with the aim of making the cover or page look more attractive.

In general, a written work in the form of a paper, report, final project (thesis, thesis) and even a proposal cannot be separated from the cover page and title page. The cover that is pleasing to the eye is certainly an attraction for readers to open and read it.

Likewise, the decoration in the form of a page border that is on each page of the document will beautify the document you create.

How to Insert Page Border in Word 100% Easy

One trick that we can use to make the cover or page of a document pleasing to the eye is to give it a frame or border. And in the following I will give a tutorial on how to easily create borders or frames on cover pages and other pages.

Below is how to make a frame on the cover page as follows:

  • Open the Microsoft word application and type the text to create a cover page (usually includes the title, logo, author name) as in the following example image
page border cover in word
  • After the cover text is typed and neatly arranged, the next step is to give a frame or border
  • To give a cover frame, click the Design menu (on MS Word 2021) >> Page Borders
page border menu in word
  • In the borders and shading view, please select the type of frame you want and then click Options
select page border
  • On Measure from select Text (its function is so that the frame fits the margins) >> Ok
frame border
  • In Apply to select This Section - First page only (only for the first page of this section) so the frame is only for the first page.
page border in cover
  • The last step press OK
border for word
  • If you have done the steps above, then the frame is installed as shown below.
page border frame in word

To Insert Page Border on all pages of a word document that you create, the method is as follows:

  • Follow steps 1 – 5 exactly the same
  • In the sixth step, on Apply to select Whole Document
  • Click OK

How about friends, the tutorial for Insert Page Border in Word is 100% easy, isn't it….! in the example above, we use Microsoft Office Word 2021. Maybe in the old version of the application the Page Border Toolbar is located on the page layout menu. May be useful.

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