How To Use Google Docs Offline Complete Guide

How To Use Google Docs Offline? Unlike Microsoft Word, Docs has a different way of creating documents by using Google Docs offline. How to do it? Below is the full tutorial.

how to use google docs offline

How to Use Google Docs Offline on the Desktop

Until now, Google Docs only provides applications for creating web-based documents and no desktop-based applications are available. To be able to create documents offline with Docs, the only way is with the Google Docs Offline extension.

Pre Requirements

To be able to use the Google Docs extension, some pre-requirements are to use the Google Chrome browser or a Chromium-based browser such as Microsoft Edge or Brave.

Google Docs extention

How to Use in the Browser

Immediately, in this demonstration I installed the Google Docs Offline extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button (must be connected to the internet). If it is necessary to restart the browser, then do this command so that the extension can work properly.

  • Go to the Google Docs home screen
  • Next select Settings.
how to use google docs offline
  • In the Offline option, Enable
  • click OK to save the settings.
make available google docs offline
  • But wait, you're not done yet.

You don't need to enable this setting separately for Slides, Sheets, or other Google apps. Doing it in one app will enable it everywhere.

What happens here is that only newly created or edited files will be available for offline editing. Why? Because Google wants to save space locally, i.e. on your HDD/SSD. If there are important documents that you want to access offline at all times, you will have to manually enable them for that particular document. In the way below:

  • Find the document or search for it in the list
  • click the three-dot menu icon next to it to activate the make Available offline option.
google docs offline

ready docs offline

There is no way to do this for all or bulk selected documents. You'll need to do this one at a time for each Google Docs file you want available offline.

Using on Smartphones

Please note and it's no secret that you can do the same on Android and iOS smartphones. The question is, how to use Google Docs offline on a smart phone device?

Mobile internet works well especially in urban areas, but it is not uncommon to experience problems when in certain locations and areas on the way.

So when there is a problem with the internet network, but you need an offline version of the document, it would be wise for you to use the same method above so that your document can be opened offline via your smart phone. The method is as below

Tutorial Using Google Docs Offline on Smart Phone

  • Open Play Store from your Smart Phone
open google play store
  • Search for apps by keyword Docs
  • Select Google Docs > Install
install google docs android
  • Open the Google Docs app
  • Select the document
  • Choose make Available Offline
google docs on android

google docs available offline
  • Done

If you did all the steps correctly, then the file that you choose to take offline will be grayed out.

If you want to automate the process, go to Settings in the mobile app and enable the Make recent files available offline option.

Make recent files available offline

this setting will tell the Docs app to enable the offline button for any and all files you recently opened and edited. You don't need to do it manually unless it wasn't accessed recently by you.

That's the tutorial How To Use Google Docs Offline by using the desktop, namely the extension of the Chrome Browser and using a smart phone by installing the Android-based application. Hopefully helpful and useful.

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