Drop Cap In Word at The Beginning Of Paragraph

How to Make Drop Cap In word at the beginning of a paragraph. Microsoft Word application is an office application created by Microsoft Corporation for word processing with various features in it.

You can use this word processing application for various purposes such as creating documents, making an official letter, writing scientific papers, making poetry, making novels and so on digitally.

It is no secret that in this software there are various features that make it easier for users to process words, one of which is to create Drop Cap text in word. This text is usually located at the beginning of the paragraph, as in the example in the image below.

drop cap microsoft word

What is Drop Cap in Word and its Functions

Drop Cap is a feature to make one or more letters at the beginning of a paragraph or sentence larger than the other letters. The function of the drop cap is to make the appearance of text, paragraphs or sentences more attractive.

On this occasion, misnia.com will share a tutorial trick on "How to Create Drop Cap Text at the Beginning of a Paragraph". Here is a step by step guide.

Tutorial how to Create Drop Cap in Word

  • Open the ms word application
  • Open or create a Microsoft Office Word document, then create a paragraph of text. Below is an example of the text we created.
open ms word document
  • Block the first letter in the paragraph. An example in this case is the letter H in the sentence Narrated
block first letter in drop cap
  • Click Insert >> Drop Cap (There are 2 options Dropped and In margin) choose as desired
Drop Cap In Word
  • For Drop Cap settings, please select Drop Cap Options
drop cap options
Information :
Font : To select the type of font/font used
Lines to drop : To increase the size of the Drop Cap
Distance from text : To set the distance between Drop Cap letters and paragraphs
  • Click the OK button to complete the mission to make a Drop Cap
drop cap microsoft word

How friends, easy is not it. That's the tutorial on how to make a Drop Cap in Word at the beginning of the paragraph. May be useful.

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