Insert Signature In Word 100% Easy and Automatically

How To Insert Signature In Word easily and quickly? In today's digital era, sending electronic documents has become commonplace. Even so that electronic documents have legal force, they must be affixed with signatures such as work agreement documents, decision letters, and work contracts and so on.

add signature in word

How do I create and add a signature to an Electronic Document?

Well, dear readers, there is one of the easiest ways to insert a digital signature into an electronic document through Microsoft Word software. Read the full tutorial below.

How To Create a Signature In Word

Before you can enter a signature into the MS Word application, you must first create a digital signature. Here is a tutorial on how to make it.

  • Provide plain white paper along with a pen with black or blue ink. For the color of the ink adjusts to the needs and desires of the use of the document.
  • Next, using a pen, write your signature on the white paper clearly
add signature in word
  • Use a cell phone camera or digital camera then take the signature photo that you have made. Try when photographing the signature, the lighting conditions are good and clearly visible so that you get maximum results.
  • The next step is to transfer your Signature Photo to a laptop or computer

How to Insert Signature In Word

After you have successfully created a digital signature as in the initial stage, the next step is that you only need to enter it into Microsoft Word. Here are the detailed and complete steps.

  • Open the ms word application, then open your word document you want to sign with a digital signature
  • Place the cursor on the area where you want to put a digital signature
  • Then click "Insert" > "Pictures"
open word document
  • Select the digital signature file that you have saved on your laptop or computer
  • Click "insert" to enter or put a signature
insert picture in word
  • Click the signature image, then select the "Format" menu > "Color"
  • Select the "Set Transparent Color" option, then tap the background area of ​​the digital signature image to make the signature transparent
Insert Signature In Word
  • If the signature is still too big or too small. You can adjust the size of the digital signature with the crop tool on the edges you don't need. Or you can also change the size of the signature on the image size.
  • Next, to adjust the location or position of the image, right-click on the image, then select "Behind Text" in the "Wrap Text" option so that the signature can be positioned
set picture to wrap text
  • Finally, set the location or position of the digital signature according to the user's wishes.
digital signature in word
  • done

Store and save digital signatures in Quick Parts

Ms word provides a feature so that one day when you sign electronic documents in the future it will be easier and faster, that is, you can save the digital signature that has been created in the "Quick Parts" tool.

Thus, you will not be bothered or bothered to do the step by step above every time you want to sign an electronic document. Here are the full steps:

  • Click on the area where the transparent digital signature was affixed to the previous electronic document
  • Then click "Insert" > "Quick Parts" > "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery…"
Save Signature to Quick Part Gallery
  • The "Create New Building Block" window will appear.
  • In the "Name" column, fill in the signature title. For example, we named the digital signature "My Signature"
  • In the "Gallery" column, click the triangle icon down > select "AutoText"
  • Then click "OK".
Create New Building Block

With the sequence of steps above, the digital signature that you have created will be automatically saved permanently in Word on the Insert menu > Quick Parts. AutoText

By saving your electronic (digital) signature in Quick parts, every time you want to sign an electronic document in the future, you only need to access the digital signature via "Insert" > "Quick Parts" > "AutoText" > "My Signature ".

saved digital signature in word

Okay, the trick tutorial on How To Insert Signature In Word is 100% Easy. At any time you can immediately affix it to your electronic document. Good luck and hopefully useful

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