How To Save Word Doc As Pdf 100% Easy Without Software

How To Save Word Doc As Pdf quickly and easily directly through Microsoft Word? We guarantee that the following tutorial does not use a word to pdf converter application or use other third-party applications. We recommend this to you because it is the fastest and easiest way.

save doc to pdf file

Why is it necessary to Save Word Doc to PDF?

Document with PDF type is a format that is currently often used in making documents. This is a general list of the functions that PDF documents have:

  • Function to save text documents
  • Can create and save a document containing text, images, and links
  • Able to send documents that are ready-made or in standard form that cannot be changed or edited unless using a pdf editor application such as Adobe ​​PDF Professional, PDF Nitro and the like

The Advantages of PDF

The following is a list of the many advantages of using PDF documents:

Small in size with an attractive appearance

PDF format documents are the best choice when you want to send a fixed document with an attractive appearance. And in general, pdf documents are small so the process of sending documents via email and the like will be easier and faster.

Already familiar and widely used

The use of the PDF format in various documents is very widely used today. Whether for personal, general or special purposes.


You don't have to worry about word documents that have already been saved to PDF, you can edit them easily with a third-party application called a pdf editor.

It's safer because it can be protected or locked

Special and important documents need to be secured so that they are not misused and exploited by unauthorized and irresponsible people. Well, to keep a document from being edited or copied, Adobe System developed a lock feature on PDF. 

By using document protection, your document will be secure, cannot be copied or want the document to be seen by others, you can use the lock feature to give a password to your PDF document.

Flexible Documents

PDF documents already refer to digital products that are flexible and allow the PDF format to be opened on any device such as smartphones, androids, computers, laptops and others.

Although the pdf can be opened on various devices with different versions, it will not change the contents of the file. The contents of the PDF file extension are fixed and will not change without the help of other software to change the text content in it.

Able to Save Images

PDF format documents are not only text files, but can also store image data, photos and even graphics. In addition, converting files to PDF can reduce the size of the file.

Compatible With Various Computers

Different documents with doc and other formats that can only be opened on a computer with Microsoft Office software installed. The PDF format is compatible with various computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac-OS and others.

Well, even though it had lost its reputation with Microsoft Office Docs, PDF is now getting more and more popular because its features are more usable and easy to use.

Tutorial How To Save Word Doc As Pdf

Back to the core of the discussion as in the title above, will immediately share tricks to save word doc as pdf easily and quickly without software. Below is the full explanation:

  • Open the Microsoft Word document that you created earlier.
  • Click the File menu > Save as
save word document

save as in word
  • On save as type select PDF format
How To Save Word Doc As Pdf
  • The last step is Save
save doc to pdf

Well, it's been proven easy and fast isn't it. That's a short, solid and complete tutorial on How To Save Word Doc As Pdf without software, which is guaranteed to be 100% fast and easy. May be useful

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