How to Add Header in Word Easily and Quickly

How to add header in word easily and quickly? The term header in an MS Word document is a text or image that is located at the top of a Microsoft Word document.

how to add header in word

The header in a Word document has the same properties as setting the page number automatically, that is, when you write an image or text or in the header on the first page, the next page will automatically have the same header.

The Benefits and functions

The benefits and or functions of the MS Word header are as writing or notes located at the top of a document that will appear continuously in the next document.

Header in word documents are usually used to insert information, both page descriptions and others such as organizational header, book sources, names and or similar information.

In addition, it can also function to insert additional information on documents such as title, author, company name, date, time, page numbers, small notes, descriptions, logos and letterheads.

Tutorial how to add header in word

Well, without further ado, below is a tutorial on how to easily and quickly create it text in Word.

  • Open the Microsoft Word application, create a new document or open a document that you created earlier. Note: in this demonstration, we are using Microsoft Word 2021.
  • Click the Insert menu > Header > Choose a header model that has been provided or Select Edit Header if you want to make your own writing.
How to Add Header in Word
  • Please type the text that you want to insert in the header.
insert header in word
  • When you have written the text according to your wishes. To end the process Double click on the header to exit.

With the 4 steps above, then you have successfully created or add a header in Word.

Tutorial on how to edit header

If you want to change the header result, you can do it easily with the following steps.

Immediately below is how to edit the header text that has been created but wants to be replaced.

  • Click Insert > Header > Edit Header or by double clicking on the header directly on the word page.
edit header in word

customize header in word

Tutorial on how to delete a previously created header

  • Click Insert > Header > Remove Header, then the header text will automatically disappear.
remove header in word

Ok buddy, just here the tutorial on how to add header in word. For those of you who want to see a demonstration via video, you can go directly to the Youtube page by watching the video. May be useful. Thank you.

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