How to Add Footer in Word 100% Easily

In the previous discussion, we discussed how to make a header, now on this occasion we will provide a tutorial on how to add a footer in word easily and quickly. How to? Follow in full in the article below

What is Footer in Word

The footer is the part located at the bottom margin of the document which is usually used to write small notes in the form of descriptions that clarify the terms contained in the document.

Have we ever seen a book, then at the bottom there is a small note which is sometimes in the form of terms contained in the document to explain its meaning. Or information in the form of page numbers that we are reading?

For example: A story book that explains the story of crocheting love by someone.
*Word: Crochet love by someone.

What are the Functions and Benefits of Footer in Word?

Functions / uses of headers and footers are as follows:

  • Make letterhead (usually headers)
  • As a sign of official documents.
  • As the identity of the document maker.
  • Write down additional document information such as document title, author, and page numbers.
  • Beautify by adding a frame or design to the document.
  • Help understand the contents of the document.
  • Added notes / descriptions / terms to clarify the page.

To create a footer in Microsoft Word, click the Insert menu tab, then click Footer to insert a description in the bottom margin.

Below are the detailed steps for a tutorial on how to create a footer in Microsoft Word:

  • Click the Insert menu > Footer > Choose a footer model that has been provided or Select Edit Footer if you want to make your own writing.
How to Add Footer in Word
  • Please type the text to be inserted in the footer.
create footer in word
  • Double click on the footer to exit the footer.

Until this step we have succeeded in making the footer. After you have successfully created the footer text, you should be able to edit it if you want to change it.

The following is how to edit the footer text that has been created but wants to be replaced.

  • Click Insert > Footer > Edit Footer or by double clicking on the footer.
edit footer in word

Then how to remove the footer is as follows.

  • Click Insert > Footer > Remove Footer, then the footer text will automatically disappear.
remove footer in word

How friends, it's not easy to make Footer Text in Word. Now my friend just practice it so you don't forget.

For those of you who prefer and can understand more by watching videos, contact contact also provides a video version of the tutorial on How to Create Footer Text in Word.

Thus the tutorial how to add footer in word easily. Hopefully helpful and useful for all of us.

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