Create Dropdown List in Word 100% Easy

How to Create Dropdown List in Word in Easy ways? As we know, there are many settings features in Microsoft Word. The more you master the setting features in Microsoft Word, the easier it will be to operate it. In Microsoft Word, there is one feature that you should master, namely the dropdown list.

What is a Dropdown list in Microsoft Word?

A dropdown list is a menu that contains a set of pre-arranged options in an elongated downwards format. By creating a dropdown list we can choose one of several options that have been previously set and determined according to our wants and needs.

In general, a drop-down list is made including the choice of education level, gender and others with certain criteria. The use of dropdown lists is usually used in filling out forms or certain data to make it easier and faster for users to fill in data and for data uniformity.

Advantages and benefits of using a Dropdown List

The main benefit of the dropdown list feature is that you don't have to bother typing the data you want to enter, you just have to choose the options that are already in the dropdown list. An example is making a dropdown list of gender, so there are choices for Man, Woman and so on. Alright, below is a tutorial on How to Create a Dropdown List in Word.

Tutorial step by step How to Create Dropdown List in Word

  • Open your Ms Word application (this time I'm using Microsoft Word 2021)
  • Create a new document in Microsoft Word, and type the data as you wish.
create word document
  • Make sure the Developer menu is available/shown in Microsoft Word buddy. If it's not available, click File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Developer Checklist
options microsoft word 2021

Customize Ribbon Developer
  • To create a Dropdown, place the cursor where the dropdown will be created.
  • Click the developer menu > Select Combo box content control or Drop-Down list content control
Combo box content control or Drop-Down list content control
  • Then Click Properties
dropdown list properties
  • Give the title > Click add > Type the level of Gender/Sex one by one from elementary Man, Woman and so on until it's finished.
Create Dropdown List in Word

drop down list in word

drop-down list in word
  • For security so that the data is not changed by others, click the Developer menu > Restrict Editing
restrict dropdown list in word
  • A box will appear to set a password. Check one or both of the editing restrictions > Yes, Start Enforcing Protection. this can be filled so that no one can change the dropdown menu or it can be left blank to make editing easier, just click OK.
restrict protection in word
  • Until this stage you have successfully created a dropdown list menu.
  • To do editing if you want to add options, click on Protect Document Then click Stop Protection.

For those of you who prefer to learn by watching videos, I also made a video version of How to Create a Dropdown List in Word tutorial on

That's the tutorial about How to Create Dropdown List in Word 100% Easy, Easy, not friends. Good luck and good work. I hope this helps.

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