Remove Restrict Editing Word Without Password

How to unlock or Remove Restrict Editing Word Without Password? In the office world, creating word documents using the protect document feature is very important. It aims to make documents more secure from misuse, from unauthorized editing and many other security features.

unlock remove password restrictions word

Humans are the place to be wrong and forget, it is human nature, we often forget the passwords that we have made ourselves for security in the word documents that we create. Well, this time, Misnia will thoroughly explore and solve problems related to How to Unlock or Remove Restrict Editing Word Without Password.

How to Remove Restrict Editing Word Without Password

Now, let's just peel it off completely about how to unlock the restrict editing security feature on the protect document in word feature.

Follow these steps to remove restrict editing in word quickly, instantly and easily. Here is the step by step.

First download the application to open the restrict editing in word feature. You can use an application called Passper for Word

Install the application. Important note: you cannot use the trial version of the application to unlock Restrict Editing on MS Word without a password. Then use the full version.

Open the Passper for Word application that is already installed on your computer or laptop

The main window appears, there are two options, namely Recover Passwords (Recover passwords to open locked Word files and Remove Restrictions (Remove passwords to modify protected Word files). Choose Remove Restrictions

passper for word remover password

The Word Restrictions Remover window appears > Click Select a File

word restrictions remover

Find your Word file document that has been protected with the Restrict editing feature

open restrict editing word

The last step of unlocking or removing passwords by restricting editing in word is by clicking the Remove button

Remove Restrict Editing Word

The Remove Restrictions process is running.

remove restrict editing ms word

Done. After you run step 7, the password that you restrict your word document has been deleted. To try the results, please open a new word document as a result of removing restrictions.

open restrict editing in word

Thus the tutorial How to Remove Restrict Editing Word Without Password Easily, quickly and instantly using the Passper for Word application. The last message from us, humans are forgetful by nature, so write in your special notebook about things that are important to you, including security passwords from word documents or other documents that you create.

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