How to Scan using Canon G3010 Very Easy

How to scan using canon g3010? The full name of this printer is Canon pixma G3010, which is an all in one printer. It is said to be an All in One printer because this printer can not only be used as a printer, it also functions as a scanner, a simple photocopy machine.

How to Scan using Canon G3010

Apart from being able to work using a wired USB connection, this printer device can also be connected to Android devices or other computer devices using a Wireless Network.

Scan result file output data format with Canon G3010

Back to the main language, by using the G3010 printer you can scan documents easily into various output files. The resulting scanned document files include the following:

  • Auto Scan: Output default Auto
  • Document scan : Output file JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multiple Pages). Default output: PDF (Multiple Pages)
  • Photo Scan : JPEG, TIFF, PNG Default output : JPEG/Exif
  • Custom Scan : JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multiple Pages) Default output : Auto (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multiple Pages))
  • Scan and Stitch : JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multiple Pages) Default output : PDF (Multiple Pages)
  • ScanGear : JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multiple Pages) Default output : JPEG/Exif

Setting the Scan Output Data Format

In each of the outputs mentioned above, you can set the default output according to your wishes. You can do these settings easily by clicking the Settings button on the Canon IJ Scan Utility main window.

In the example below, we will make settings so that the output of the Photo Scan file is PNG. The method is as follows:

  • First make sure the Canon Pixma G3010 Printer Driver is completely installed.
  • Open the Canon IJ Scan Utility application. The trick is to press the Start button, type Scan, then select IJ Scan Utility
Canon IJ Scan Utility
  • The Canon IJ Scan Utility window appears
  • Click Settings
settings IJ Scan Utility
  • In the Settings window, click Photo Scan
  • In settings (Photo Scan), on the Save Settings menu > Data Format: click the down arrow, then select PNG

    settings output format scanner

    • Click OK

    Canon G3010 scanner

    After the seventh step above, then when you do a scan with Photo Scan mode, the output data format will automatically be PNG.

    Tutorial Step by step how to scan using canon g3010

    You can scan documents using the Canon Pixma G3010 very easily. It's like the word is that you just have to choose and click without having to bother making certain settings.

    Short steps on how to Scan with Canon G3010

    • Install Driver Canon Pixma G3010
    • Connect the printer to the computer where you have installed the driver.
    • Open Cover Scanner
    • Place the paper, photos, documents you want to scan on the Scanner from Canon Pixma G3010

      open cover scan pixma g3010
      • Close the Scanner Cover
      • Open the Canon IJ Scan Utility application. 
      open scan utility canon g3010
      • Select the scan mode you want to use. The options include: Auto, Document, Photo, Custom, Stitch, ScanGear. In the example below, we use Document mode to scan a document with an output PDF (Multiple Pages) file. Select Document
      settings scanner g3010
      • Scanner will automatically do the Scan Document process, the photos you enter into the Scanner
      scanning document g3010
      • The first Scan Document process is complete, a confirmation window appears

      Scan Completed

      Click (Excit) to end.

      To continue scanning, place the next document and click (Scan).

      scan completed g3010

      If you want to end the scan, please click the Exit button, if you want to add a second document, please enter your second document into the Scanner. (as in Steps 3-5 above).

      The Scan document process is complete, an explorer window will automatically appear where the scan results are stored using the Canon Pixma G3010. The default storage location is in Documents.

      scanner g3010 finished

      Well, that's the tutorial how to scan using canon g3010 easily and quickly. With the help of the Scanner you can back up your manual archives into digital backup files that you can save to your computer or in cloud storage media on the internet.

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