How to Make a Logo In Word for Beginners?

How to Make a Logo in Word easily? A company logo is a very important element for companies, businesses, and the like. By using a company logo, you will be able to tell clients or customers a brief overview of the business or company that you are building.

How to Make a Logo In Word

How to Make a Logo In Word?

Creating a logo for professionals will be able to spend a lot of money. Therefore, if you are someone who is starting a business, you can easily create your own company, office or business logo without spending a lot of money.

The trick is that you can use applications that already exist on your computer or laptop. You can create your own business logo by using an application program that is generally installed, namely Microsoft Word. 

Below is the complete tutorial How to Create a Logo in Microsoft Word.

The first stage, first make a sketch or design of the logo that you will make on a paper.

Turn on your laptop or computer, open the Microsoft Word application.

Activate Gridlines on the View menu. The trick is to click the View tab, then in the Show category put a check mark on Gridlines.

Next, gridlines will appear as shown in the image below. (Figure 1)

view gridlines ms word

Then, create the basic shape for your logo. In general, the logo is round. To make this basic round shape, by clicking the Insert menu tab > Shapes > select the shape that matches your design or sketch above (figure 2.3)

insert picture in word

insert shape in word

Then, modify it according to your wishes, namely the color, border, and other effects. The trick is to click Shape Fill, Shape Outline, or Shape Effects in the Shape Styles category. As seen in the image below. (picture 4)

shape effect in word

In modifying the shapes below, we will give an example to make the outline thicker, the trick is to click Weight, then determine how thick the outline is according to the logo you will shape. (figure 5)

shape outline in word

An example of the above modification is as shown in the image below.(Picture 6)

weight outline shape

Next, enter the text on the logo. To do this, click the Insert>WordArt menu tab which is in the Text category. For more details, see the image below (figure 7):

insert word art in word

Then, select the text model you want to use (figure 8).

word art microsoft word

Next enter the text you want (figure 9).

add text in word art

Next change the style to follow the basic shape of the logo. In the example here I will make it a semi-circle, the trick is to click Text Effect, select Transform, then please specify what shape you want. (figure 10)

transform word art

Then, please set the position and location as you wish. If you want to enter text again, please repeat the previous step.

Next, insert a picture or icon. The trick is to click the Insert menu tab > Pictures > there are three options (This Device…, Stock Images…, Online Pictures…) depending on the location and location of your logo icon.

To insert a picture step by step is to select Pictures and select This Device. (If your pictures or icons are not already saved on your PC or laptop, you can upload them online by clicking the Online Pictures option. (figure 11)

insert picture in word

Then, please select your image or log icon, then click Insert (figure 12).

insert logo icon on ms word

So that your logo doesn't fall apart when you want to move it, you can unify it by grouping it. The trick is to click all existing items, then right-click then please click Group and select Group (figure 13).

grouping in ms word

Done. Please set it in such a way that the shape of your logo is in accordance with what you have previously designed. Congratulations on creating a logo with MS Word!

create a logo in word

So many tutorials that discuss How to Make a Logo In Word for Beginner easily. With the above trick, you no longer need to spend money or download a heavy design application program just to create a logo for your company, shop, office or business. Hope it is useful.

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