How to Add Audio to Video 100% Easy

How to add audio to video easily and quickly? Well, in the following, Misnia will provide a tutorial on an easy and fast way to insert music to video using Movavi Video Suite.

Why use Movavi Video Suite?

Movavi video Editor Suite is a multi-functional video editor application, one of which is to add audio to video. In this application offers a variety of tools that you can use, among others, to:

  • Video utility tools with the following features: edit, convert, Split, Watch, add audio to video, record computer screen, capture from cameras, HVS, TV.
  • Audio Utility Tools with the ability to Convert audio to other audio formats, Record Sound, Burn Audio to CD, Play Music.
  • Photo Utility Tools offers you Convert images, Create Slideshows, share photos online.
  • You can use Data Utility Tools to Import AVCHD, Burn Disc, Burn image to disc, copy disc to disc, copy disc to hard drive
  • Extras utility provides stock video footage, share videos online.

With so many features available on the application, it can be said that this utility is very complete and powerful that you can use to handle and manage video, audio and data files. So it's like Movavi to be used as a mainstay video audio editor application.

Tutorial how to add audio to video 100% Easy

Below is a complete guide on how to easily and quickly add music to videos using these video editor application. Follow the full tutorial below:

  • Download and install Movavi Video Suite
  • Run the program
  • Make sure on the Video menu, select the Edit Video sub menu
movavi video suite editor
  • Open your video by Import Video. You can import videos in several ways, including by dragging Drop your video files or My files (add media files, Record Video, add folder, Record Screencast.
add video to video editor

video editor software
  • Next is the core step, namely adding audio to video. This stage you can do exactly the same as in stage 4. You only need to import the music or audio files that you have prepared
how to add music to video

how to add audio to video
  • Next, set the audio to play at the beginning or end of the video as you wish.
add audio music to video
  • Done

The music files that you have added to the video will automatically become the background music of your video.

If needed, you can add some audio or music to your video. And then set the placement as you wish.

To adjust the placement, from what minute to how many minutes the audio or music is played, click on the import result, then drag and drop it to the position you want. You can also drag to the right or left of the imported results.

See video tutorial on Youtube link here

It's very easy tutorial how to add audio to video using Movavi Video Suite Editor. You can be creative in the videos that you have, especially by adding one or more music to the videos you have created.

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