Chkdsk in Windows 10 for Repair Bad Sector

How to use chkdsk in windows 10 for Repair Error Disk? In the previous discussion, gave a tutorial on Hard Drive Repair and Check With Fast and Easiest regularly using cmd and Windows Explore.

Well, on this occasion we will provide a tutorial that is almost the same but different, namely on how to use chkdsk on the Windows 10 operating system to detect and repair and also rebuild an error boot sector or bad sector.

On your computer or laptop there is a data storage media known as an internal hard disk. Where there are millions of bits of data. Anything can happen to your computer. It is not uncommon for data to be lost or an error occurs, the battery runs out, the power goes out, the operating system is damaged, the application is corrupted, the virus, the trojan. These various circumstances can cause errors on your computer's hard disk. therefore you need to perform regular hard disk maintenance, one of which is chkdsk in windows.

What are the causes of hard disk errors?

Some of the things that are often the cause of errors on storage disks include:

  • The file is corrupted as it is being written. It can be an index file that refers to a corrupted file.
  • Deleted files, files that have been damaged or corrupted by other programs, viruses, trojans or other malware.
  • Physical damage to the hard disk.

You need to know that a hard disk drive (hdd) is more at risk of physical damage when the disk spins and data is physically written on it (filled with data), the more data, the more potential for physical damage to occur.

Hard disks with the Solid State Drive (SSD) type already use a memory chip that is used to record data such as RAM, so this SSD tends to be unstable, which means the data will be retained even when your computer is dead.

Tutorial how to Use CHKDSK in Windows 10

Before demonstrating the tutorial above, a little knowledge about CHKDSK. This is a tool provided by the Windows operating system which essentially functions to perform a low-level scan on the hard disk or other similar storage media to search for, find and repair any errors, errors or damage to the hard disk both external and internal.

So, this CHKDSK utility can detect physical and data damage and fix errors that occur on the hard disk. When there is damage to the hdd, through CHKDSK it can mark the parts of the disk that are physically damaged so that the Windows system knows not to use the damaged part or error. This happens when the hard disk is damaged and really can't be repaired.

Below is a tutorial on how to use the chkdsk command in Windows 10. Read the complete step by step below:

  • In the Windows search box, type the keyword “cmd” without the quotes.
  • The search results appear, select and right-click on Command Prompt > select > Run as administrator. (why run as administrator? This is necessary so that the application has privileges to be able to scan the hard disk properly, especially to fix any errors found.

command prompt run as administrator

  • In the Command Prompt (cmd) Utility window, type the command “CHKDSK /?”. (you can use lowercase or uppercase also it doesn't matter). Then press enter on the keyboard. The above command serves to display a list of utility options in the CHKDSK command.
cmd chkdsk /?
  • To check your hard disk for errors and fix them at the same time, type the command “CHKDSK D: /f /r” and then press Enter. This command will function to check the hard disk partition D which will automatically scan the partition and at the same time repair when there are errors or errors it finds.
chkdsk in windows 10

The process of scanning and repairing disk errors will depend on the capacity of the disk partition being checked and also depending on the specifications of the computer. The larger the capacity of the hard disk drive, usb flash disk, external hdd, the longer the scan time will be. Likewise, the higher the specifications of the computer and the RAM on the computer, the faster the HDD scanning process will be.

If you run the CHKDSK command on drive C or the drive that contains the operating system that is being used, then the command will run after the computer restarts or reboots and this CHKDSK will run before Windows or the computer starts.

The following is a screenshot of what it looks like when you run the CHKDSK command on drive C:

cmd Chkdsk in windows 10 Repair Bad Sector

Do more with CHKDSK

When you run the command CHKDSK /? In CMD, you will see there are many other commands that you can use to do more with this useful utility software for your computer.

An example for example, adding the command /x. If you give the command "chkdsk D: /f /r /x" and press the enter key, then this command means. This option of the chkdsk command will fix any errors found on the disk. The following is a detailed description of the command above:

  1. D : is the hard disk partition to be checked
  2. /f is an Option of this chkdsk command which aims to fix errors found
  3. /r is Option this command will tell chkdsk to search and find bad sectors and also repair or recover readable information from them. This option implies /f when /scan is not specified
  4. /x is Option This command implies /f and will force down the volume on the checked partition if needed.

That is a little tutorial on how to use chkdsk in windows 10 for Repair Error Disk. This utility tool is very useful for computer users who in addition to knowing the health condition of the hard disk drive can also fix it when an error occurs, damages even bad sectors.

See our Video Tutorial Here


You can implement the above tutorial on all Windows operating systems. Including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 10, 11 and other versions.

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