Apple Juice Benefits for 25 Health Benefits

There are dozens of apple juice benefits for the health of our bodies in particular. However, before discussing this challenge, we will briefly describe the apple tree, its uniqueness and nutritional content in apples.

apple juice benefits

Apple tree is one type of plant that can adapt to cool weather even in cold air temperatures. Both red and green apples contain the nutrients needed to improve and maintain a healthy body.

The Uniqueness of Apples

Not only the benefits of apple juice are very good for the body, but there are some things that are unique to apples, which not everyone knows!

  • The content of vitamin A in apples is 50 percent more than guavas, carrots and citrus fruits. It can be said that apples contain the most vitamin A.
  • Most people when making apple juice always use granulated sugar or cane sugar as a taste sweetener so that the taste quality is more tempting, but it is healthier if making apple juice using honey as a sweetener to avoid diabetes.
  • Green apples have the most potassium content and are more abundant than red apples, where potassium is useful for preventing body organs from being damaged, including muscle tissue, bones, nerves, and others.
  • Green apples contain more water and are more acidic than red apples, but green apples are able to stimulate saliva production more quickly to work to protect the oral cavity from bacterial attack and clean dirt that adheres to the lining of the teeth.
  • If you eat or make apples, never throw away the skin, because the skin contains anti-cancer substances that can effectively fight cancer cells. where these substances are called triterpenoids which are able to prevent and destroy the growth of cancer cells in body tissues.
  • Apple juice is not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, but drink it immediately and consume it so that the nutrients in it are not oxidized by the air which can reduce vitamin levels and reduce its health benefits.

The nutritional content of apples

Has a fairly complete vitamin content:

  • Vitamin A as much as 98 IU
  • Vitamin B1 or Thiamin 0.031 mg
  • Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin 0.047 mg
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin 0.091 mg
  • Vitamin B5 or pentothenic acid 0.0111 mg
  • Vitamin B9 or folate 5 mcg
  • Vitamin C 8.4 mg
  • Vitamin K 4mcg
  • Vitamin E 0.33 mg
  • Calcium 6 mg
  • iron 0.12 mg
  • magnesium 5 mg
  • phosphorus 11 mg
  • potassium 107 mg
  • zinc 0.05 mg
  • Carbohydrates 13.8 g
  • natural glucose levels 10.39 g
  • 2.4 g natural fiber
  • 0.1 g monounsaturated fat
  • 0.26 g protein
  • The water content of one apple is 85.56 g
  • sodium 1mg
  • Baron substance 1 mg
  • substance quercetin 1 mg

The 25 Apple Juice Benefits for 25 Body Health

These are the real benefits that exist in apples that are used as healthy juices to improve body health, such as the following:

Fight free radicals

Vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols present in apples can act as strong antioxidants to fight the entry of bacteria, germs, viruses that combine with free radicals.

Increase the density of bones and teeth

Apples contain calcium which can increase the density and strength of bones and teeth. Where the calcium can protect bones from fractures, cracks, bruises and other injuries due to impact or impact of heavy objects.

Able to speed up the wound drying process

Vitamins A, C and E can combine and work as strong antioxidants to speed up the drying and healing process of open wounds and kill bacteria or viruses that are in the wound.

Repair damage and promote digestive health

The high fiber content in apples can repair damage to the digestive wall due to inflammation or infection. The fiber is able to absorb water in the intestines and clean it, then launch the digestive process.

Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Apples contain quercetin which acts as a strong antioxidant to strengthen the body's immunity so that the body does not easily fall ill just because of fatigue and lack of sleep.

Prevent the eyes from cataracts

Vitamin A and supported by complete mineral substances in apples. It can maintain the health of eye tissue and prevent the risk of developing cataracts by about 20 to 20 percent if you consume it for years or regularly.

Prevent diabetes

Apple juice can prevent diabetes because the nutrients are able to neutralize insulin levels in the body and neutralize excessive sugar levels.

Prevent the growth of cancer cells

Apple skin contains triterpenoids which are able to resist the growth of cancer cells in the breast, colon, prostate and liver.

Stabilize body weight

The nutrients present in the benefits of apple juice can lose weight if consumed regularly. Vitamin C in it has the ability to stabilize body weight that has been balanced so that there is no more accumulation of fat in the body.

Repair brain cells

The nutrients in apples can nourish and refresh brain cells and improve memory and prevent someone from forgetting or Alzheimer's disease.

Maintain urinary tract health

All the mineral substances and fiber in apples can work together to clean the urinary tract from various blockages and bacterial attacks resulting from food or free radicals.

Anti-aging therapy

So that the face is protected from fine wrinkles and dullness and dryness, consume apple juice every day, because the vitamins E, C and A can combine to fight free radicals, which causes the face to look older than its actual age.

The combination of vitamins E, C and E is also able to repair and strengthen skin cells to keep them firm and supple. Eliminates pale black color in eye circles so that the face looks youthful.

Prevent heart disease

Apples have phytochemicals that act as powerful antioxidants. To suppress the amount of excess cholesterol so as not to clog and block the blood vessels around the heart, so that the heart is always in a healthy condition.

Stabilize cholesterol levels in the body

The fiber in apples can control and bind bad fats and then processed to be destroyed through digestive enzymes and then disposed of as a whole in the form of feces.

Improves dental health

The benefits of apple juice can stimulate and increase the production of saliva in the mouth which is useful for controlling the growth of bacteria in the mouth so that it does not multiply, so that the teeth are kept clean and protect the gums from inflammation due to bacterial attack.

Prevent dehydration of the body

a body that is tired or tired from doing sports that take a lot of energy will usually experience a lack of fluid in the body. The water in apples can replace lost body ions and can refresh the body's cells so that stamina can return to normal.

The best friend for diabetics

The sugar content in apples is very natural and does not cause sugar levels in the body to increase. for diabetics who like the sweet taste of fruit. Should consume apples as a safe daily nutritional intake.

Prevent asthma

The complete nutrition in apples can stimulate the entry of more oxygen through the nasal cavity. Stimulates the respiratory system so that it is always smooth and blood circulation around the lung walls is getting smoother so that it can prevent asthma attacks.

Accelerate blood clotting

The content of vitamin K in apples can accelerate blood clotting in severe open wounds and bleed a lot. Torn skin with a depth of wound above 2 cm can cause a person to become weak and faint because of the large amount of blood that comes out. Vitamin K can form wound tissue to close, thicken blood and stop bleeding quickly.

Protects the lungs

Complete nutrition can protect the lungs from the attack of toxins resulting from food, cigarette use, anti-pain medications and the effects of free radicals. Then the performance of the lungs can work normally without any blockage of blood flow and oxygen.

Apple juice for nourish the deepest skin tissue

The complete vitamins in apples can work together with other mineral substances to repair skin cells damaged by wounds, can increase the amount of collagen under the skin and protect the skin from free radicals due to sun exposure so that the deepest skin tissue, smoothness, elasticity and health. stay well.

Juice apple for cure anemia

For someone who has just recovered from illness, a woman who has just given birth, a woman who is having her period, or for people who are suffering from acute anemia, it is better to consume apple juice 2 times a day. The complete nutrition in apples can cure anemia or lack of blood quickly.

Stabilizes the female hormone estrogen

Apples have baronic substances that are useful for controlling, controlling and stabilizing the amount of estrogen in a woman's body so that her body is always in top condition and fit.

Protects sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be susceptible to allergies caused by dust, vehicle fumes and other free radicals including the adverse effects of sunlight that make the skin feel burned and irritated. Vitamins A, C, E and several complete minerals contained in apples can be the best antioxidants to protect sensitive skin to stay healthy and avoid allergies.

Suppresses excess oil production on facial skin

The mineral and vitamin substances present in apples can balance the skin's PH and maintain skin moisture from dryness with skin oil conditions that are always balanced. Too much oil on the surface of the facial skin will only trigger acne because excess oil tends to bind to dirt, sweat and bacteria from the surrounding air.

That is the super of apple juice benefits for the health of our bodies. If you haven't started consuming it yet, start from now onwards to maintain a more prime health of your body.

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