Split Document in Word on Two Windows

Why do we need Split Document in Word on Two Windows? When you create or even find long word documents such as books, story scripts that have tens to hundreds of pages, then you need to use the split window feature.
The split windows feature is one of the complete tools available in Microsoft Word from the many features. This facility serves to make it easier for users to split or split a long document in two windows horizontally.
This way, you can view two parts of the document at the same time for easy editing. This feature is especially useful for long documents consisting of tens, hundreds or thousands of pages.
Keeping the contents of a long document consistent and appropriate is not easy. An example, for example, on page 2 and page 150 requires that there be conformity of content. Then manually, you have to scroll the document down and up many times. This method is of course quite inconvenient and requires more time.
By taking advantage of the split windows feature, you can view two different pages of a document at the same time. That way you don't scroll documents one by one up and down repeatedly.
If you use this feature, by default Microsoft Word will add a horizontal split bar that is located right in the middle. However, you can adjust the position yourself by clicking, holding (dragging) and moving it to the position you want.
What we need to pay attention to is, each window has its own scroll bar. So you can use the scroll bar to display certain different pages.
For example in the example above, in one window you can display page 2 and in the second window display page 150. After both pages are open, you can edit the document to adjust the contents of each document without the need to scroll from page 2 to page 150 and or vice versa.

How to Split Document in Word on Two Windows?

Below is a tutorial on how to split or split a long word document into two parts or two windows using the Split Window feature.
  • Open your Microsoft Word
  • Open your Long document which you will split in two windows.
  • Click the View tab
  • Click the Split button
Split Document in Word
After you press the Split button, a horizontal split bar will automatically appear which is located in the middle of the document. You can adjust its position by dragging using the mouse.
horizontal split bar in word
The next step to display certain pages in each window, you can use the scroll bar located on the far right. Please in each of your windows display the page according to your wishes.
When all your work is done in making adjustments and editing the document, you can return the document back to a single window. The step by step is as follows:
  • The first way: make sure it's in the vie tab position, then click the Remove Split button
Remove horizontal split bar word
  • The second way: click, hold and move the horizontal split bar to the top or bottom position.
That's a complete, easy and short tutorial about Split Document in Word on Two Windows. Hopefully with this technique can facilitate your work in managing long documents in Microsoft Word. Greetings work.

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