Recovering Unsaved Excel Files Fix 100%

How to Recovering Unsaved Excel Files Easily? When we work on a computer, anything can happen. For example, loss of battery power, power failure, accidentally closing work files without saving them on a computer or other storage media.
Likewise when we create an excel document that is very important for you or your company. The things mentioned above can happen, and your work file in Microsoft Excel has not been saved.
When various possibilities from the above conditions occur to you, while the excel file must be completed and needed at that time and on the same day, of course this will make you panic.

Do not panic

Actually, the Microsoft Office Excel application program is equipped with various features that provide various kinds of convenience for the user. One of the very useful and important features related to the above event is the AutoSave and AutoRecover features.

What are AutoSave and AutoRecover features?

One of the features of Ms Excel offers you an offer to recovering and or restore Ms Excel files that have not been saved or you have not saved.
In Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or versions of Excel above, the AutoSave and AutoRecover features are enabled by default. So for Recovering Unsaved Excel Files is not a difficult thing. The AutoSave Tool will automatically save new Excel documents that have never been saved before.
While the AutoRecover feature will function to help recover files that have been changed or edited but have not been saved. In the AutoRecover feature, the Excel file must have been saved at least once. With this AutoRecover feature it is possible for you to be able to return to the last version of the file displayed in the Document Recovery panel.

How do AutoSave and AutoRecover features work?

When you open an Excel file, then do editing to change the document and suddenly your computer turns off because the electricity is cut off, loses battery power while you haven't done the save command to save the changes. In such conditions, the Document Recovery panel will appear automatically when you reopen the Microsoft Excel application.

How to set AutoSave and AutoRecover Features?

Although by default this recovering feature is activated every 10 minutes, but we can configure AutoSave and AutoRecover settings as we wish.
By adjusting the settings according to your needs, you can shorten or even extend the AutoSave and AutoRecover intervals. For security and anticipating various kinds of unexpected events above, then you should need to shorten the time interval for the application to be able to do AutoSave and AutoRecover.

Step by Step Configure AutoSave (AutoRecover) settings

Below is a tutorial on configuring the AutoSave or AutoRecover feature in Microsoft Excel. In the following trick, missia uses Microsoft Office Excel 2019. For more details, read the brief description below:
  • Open the Ms Excel application program
  • Click File > Options
excel options
  • The Excel Options window appears
  • Click the Save tab. On this tab, make sure there is a check mark in the Save AutoRecover information every box and Keep the last AutoRecovered version if I close without saving. The next step is to specify the AutoRecover time interval you want. For example in this example it is 5 minutes.
Recovering Unsaved Excel files
In the example setting above, every 5 minutes Ms Excel will do AutoSave and AutoRecover every 5 minutes.

How to Recover Unsaved Excel Files?

Alright loyal readers, just go straight to the tutorial How to Recover Unsaved Excel Files easily. Here's the step by step:
To recover or restore an unsaved Excel document due to several causes such as power failure and so on, do the following step by step tutorial guide:
  • First step: Click the File tab > click Open > click Recent and then click the Recover Unsaved Workbooks button.
recover unsaved excel file
  • The second way to Recover Unsaved Excel Files: Click the File tab > Info > Manage Workbooks > Recover Unsaved Workbooks.
Recover Unsaved Workbooks
Through the two ways above, it will open the Open dialog box. The next stage is that you just choose the file that you want to recover or restore. After you select the file, then click the Open button to open the file.
When the document opens, Microsoft Excel will ask you to save the file. Immediately click the Save As button to save it in a safe place and storage media.
That's how to configure AutoSave and AutoRecover as well as a tutorial on how to Recovering Unsaved Excel Files easily. Hopefully the following trick is useful for you.

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