How to Change Keyboard Language Windows 10 & 11

How to Change Keyboard Language Windows 10 and Windows 11? Before the computer can be used, of course, it undergoes the installation process of the operating system. When this process is running, there is one important process, namely adding or installing a keyboard language. And usually this is done by computer technicians.
We as users, just use what is already installed on the computer, including using the installed language keyboard. However, we can of course Change Keyboard Language according to our own wishes by using a language that is in accordance with the local language.

Why do you need Change Keyboard Language?

The local language will be very important for several purposes, for example
  1. For processing excel data in the form of currency data. If we use the right keyboard language, the data in the form of numbers in Microsoft Excel will adjust to the language settings on the keyboard.
  2. For checking spelling and grammar. When we use a keyboard language that matches the language in the document, it will make it easier for us to check the spelling and grammar of the document.
  3. Add a keyboard language as desired. Using several keyboard languages ​​will certainly be very helpful for users when processing documents using several kinds of languages.
  4. Reset the keyboard to default settings. One way to reset the keyboard is to change the keyboard language (keyboard language / layout).

How to Change Keyboard Language Windows 10 and 11?

On the Windows 10 operating system, you can add your own two or more language keyboards easily and quickly. This keyboard language has a function to control the characters that appear on the monitor layer when you are typing.

Features that you can use to change keyboard language are control panel, settings or windows settings. Below is the full tutorial along with video and image demonstrations.

  • Open control panel or application settings. In Windows 10 and 11 the fastest way to open is to use the Windows shortcut key feature by pressing the "Start + I" button on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • The Windows Settings window appears
Windows 11 Settings
  • Select and click Time & Language (Speech, region, date).
  • In the Settings - Time & Language window, in the left pane, click Language
language settings Windows 11
  • Let's see, the keyboard language currently used is English and Indonesian. When we look at the Preferred languages ​​section, it is the first in the list of installed languages.
preferred language keyboard
  • Here, the keyboard language will be changed from English (United State) to Indonesian. If the language you want is not available, you can add your own via the Add a language button.
add keyboard language windows 11
  • Just go ahead, to change the keyboard language to Indonesian, just click Indonesian. So that the arrows appear up and down. Click the arrow up to put Indonesian in the top position.
how to change keyboard language windows 10 11
  • Nest step is Sign out then log back in
  • You can see that the keyboard language has now become Indonesian.
add indonesian keyboard language

Now your computer's keyboard language has changed according to your wishes. To return to the original keyboard language, you can do it easily using the step by step how to Change Keyboard Language Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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