Crop Image In Circle Using Adobe Photoshop 100% Easy

How to Crop Image In Circle using Adobe Photoshop? When we browse looking for an image, it is not uncommon for us to find images or photos that are cut in circles. For example on a banner, brochure, logo and the like.

Actually every image originally was in the form of a box or rectangle. However, by using the crop technique we can change the image into various shapes according to our wishes. Including making the image into a circle shape.

Well, in the following, will share a tutorial on Crop Image In Circle Using Adobe Photoshop. Besides using Photoshop, you can also use other third-party graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, CorelDraw and the like.

How to Crop Image In Circle Using Adobe Photoshop

There are various ways or cropping techniques to make the image in the form of a circle. And Adobe Photoshop is equipped with various advanced features to process images which depend on the ability of the user of this application. Each method has its own technique in the crop technique which in the end will get the same result.

Below is a tutorial on How to Crop Image In Circle Using Adobe Photoshop

Make sure your computer or laptop has Adobe Photoshop installed. In this crop image demonstration, we use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

Run your Adobe Photoshop program, then open the image that you want to cut into a circle shape. You can open the image by clicking File > Open. Or by using the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + O".

The image is already open, usually the open image is a locked layer. To open it, you can do it by double-clicking the layer on the right side of the screen.

unlock layer photoshop

Next, point your cursor at the tools on the left panel, hover the mouse on the Marquee tools > Elliptical Marquee Tool

Elliptical Marquee Tool photoshop

Set the selection of a circle shape on the image or picture by clicking on a certain area to serve as a starting point, then drag and then Drag. You can use and press the keyboard pad keys to create a perfect circle shape.

circle shape photshop

If you still find there is an incomplete or incorrect circle shape selection, do a right click with the mouse to display a list of shortcut menus and then select Transform Selection so that you can adjust. Then click the enter button on the keyboard if your selection is right on the image or picture as you wish.

The next step, click the Select menu > Inverse which aims to invert the selection and then press the Del key on the keyboard to remove the part of the image that is not needed. The removed part will turn transparent.

Inverse adobe photoshop

invert the selection photoshop

inverse function photoshop

The next step, Return to the Tools on the left panel. Place your cursor on the crop and slice tools and then select the Crop Tool

Next, using this Crop Tool, remove the unnecessary transparent areas so that they resemble the image below.

Crop Tool adobe photoshop

Crop Tool photoshop

The last step beautifies the look by adding a stroke. The method is as follows:

Your image or picture is already in the form of a circle. However, it would be more beautiful to be given accessories in the form of a stroke. The trick is to click the edit menu > Stroke. The stroke dialog box appears, specify the width value in px (pixels) and the color. When finished, to end it press the OK button

stroke adobe photoshop

stroke in adobe photoshop

Make sure the results of the Crop Image In Circle Technique Tutorial Using Adobe Photoshop are as shown in the image below. Good luck and work.

crop image in circle adobe photoshop

See our Video Tutorial How Crop Image In Circle Using Adobe Photoshop om youtube

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