Convert Webp To Jpg and Others 100% Easy

How to Convert Webp To Jpg with Easy and Fast? Not infrequently we come across when we are browsing to look for images and find images with Webp extension. Meanwhile, for certain things, the image must be in JPG image format.
Well, in the following tutorial, Misnia will share a special trick on how to convert image files with the Webp extension into the Jpg extension format. How to? Read more in the tutorial below.

What is the WebP extension image format?

An image with the WebP extension type is an image created by Google and was introduced to the public in 2010. This type of image format is a newer image format when compared to PNG, JPG (JPEG).
This WebP format image design is designed using a lossless and lossy compression system. An image format with superior lossless compression so that its size is 26% smaller when compared to images with the PNG format. Meanwhile, the WebP image format with the Lossy compression system is 25-34% smaller than the JPG or JPEG format.
Thus images with WebP format will have a smaller size, so web voters tend to use images with WebP format. This will affect the website loading faster.

How to Convert Webp To Jpg

To convert images with WebP format into image formats with other extensions such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and others you can do easily and quickly using the Ms Paint (Paint) application.
In addition, you can also use third-party application programs such as Format Factory or XnConvert which you can download and install on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Tutorial how to Convert Webp To Jpg using Ms Paint.

Ms Paint is a simple graphic design application built into the Windows operating system. Below is a quick tutorial on how to convert WebP image format to image format with JPG (JPEG) or PNG extension.
  • Open the Ms Paint application. The trick is to press the Start button + R on the keyboard. The RUN window appears. Then type in the RUN window box "mspaint"
  • Click the File menu > Open.
open webp file
  • Open WebP file, click File > Save As > select the image format you want (PNG Picture, JPEG Picture, BMP Picture, GIF Picture, Other Format)
Convert Webp To Jpg
  • Write Name the file
save webp to jpg
  • Save

Done, the file successfully changed from WebP format to another type of image format. That's the tutorial how to Convert Webp To Jpg and other 100% Easy and Fast. I hope this helps.

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