How To Change Desktop Background Easily?

In the following trick we will share a tutorial on How To Change Desktop Background easily and quickly on the Windows 10 operating system.
Background or can be given another term, namely Wallpaper. Is a background display on the layer of your monitor either on a desktop or laptop.
You can change this desktop background or wallpaper according to your wishes, from an image from Windows, an image on a laptop storage, a slide show, to plain colors. Or you can also settings so that the background can change at any time at a certain time duration.
Change the desktop background on your laptop or desktop PC can affect your mood, work ethic and the like. For example, an image that is monotonous and unwelcome can make users bored quickly. Therefore, it's a good idea to change the appearance of the background according to your wishes to make it fresher, more enthusiastic.
Every laptop or desktop PC uses a different Windows operating system, some use Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Windows 10, Windows 11 or other versions of Windows. Each operating system has different settings.
In the following tutorial, we will specifically discuss how to easily and quickly change the wallpaper or background on Windows 10. Well for those of you who are still confused, let's look at the following explanation!

How To Change Desktop Background on Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system has a more elegant and modern appearance when compared to Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or previous versions of Windows.
A beautiful, cool, and favorite wallpaper or desktop background display will raise the mood, enthusiasm to work on assignments and work from the start of seeing the desktop.
To change the appearance of the desktop background or wallpaper on Windows 10 you can do it yourself very easily. How? Follow the 4 easy and quick step tutorial below:
  • Go to your Desktop layer by pressing the "Start button + D" on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Right-click on your desktop screen and select “Personalize.”
personalize desktop windows 10
  • The Background menu will open. 
  • Select the type of Wallpaper you want in the Picture, Solid Color or Slideshow options.
How To Change Desktop Background
  • There are several options from Windows for Wallpaper options, but you can also choose what you want by clicking “Browse
browse desktop background
  • Select Image then click Save and you are done.
Easy and fast isn't it. Enough of our tutorial on How To Change Desktop Background Easily and quickly. Hopefully with a new background or wallpaper, you will be enthusiastic about working and carrying out tasks.

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