Prevention of Covid 19 Transmission for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

In the previous discussion, we have conveyed about the prevention of covid 19 in general and the prevention of covid in the elderly in general. At this time, we will discuss specifically about preventing corona disease in nursing homes.
Prevention of Covid 19 Transmission

Prevention of Corona Virus for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

Prevention of the transmission of Covid 19 for the elderly that needs to be carried out by the manager of nursing homes/Senior living include the following:
  • Provide motivation and education so that the elderly continue to be active, but the elderly must always wear masks when interacting with nursing homes staff and other elderly fellow residents of the orphanage, and diligently wash their hands with soap and running water.
  • As much as possible avoid physical contact with nursing homes staff or other elderly colleagues at the orphanage (shake hands, hug and others).
  • Orphanage staff can make rules regarding restrictions on visits by family members to the elderly at the orphanage during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Make sure the food menu prepared is made in the orphanage's kitchen and the elderly eat in their respective rooms to minimize physical contact.
  • Provide Information, Education and Communication (IEC) media in nursing homes to encourage orphanage staff and residents to wash their hands as often as possible and limit physical contact.
  • The nursing home staff ensures that every elderly resident has health insurance and ensures a network of health facilities that will be contacted if an elderly person is sick
  • If necessary and possible, the nursing home staff can coordinate with the local health center or health office for Covid-19 checks for all residents of the orphanage (including nursing home staff).
  • If there are seniors who must self-isolate on the advice of a doctor, then prepare a separate room that is far from the rooms of other residents of the orphanage and provide the basic needs of the elderly every day. If this is not possible, the nursing home staff can coordinate with the village head or the nearest health nursing care head to provide independent isolation rooms and fulfill other basic needs.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can be used by nursing home staff is PPE level 1: gloves, surgical masks, head coverings, work clothes and special footwear.
  • The PPE used by the nursing home staff is worn when working in the orphanage, and must be removed and/or disposed of according to applicable regulatory standards, to avoid contamination when leaving the orphanage.
  • Hands must be washed properly before and after wearing PPE.
  • Clean the home environment as often as possible, using the recommended disinfection solution, especially objects that are frequently touched by many people.
  • Keep the room well-ventilated and adequately exposed to sunlight.

The prevention of the Corona Virus 19 disease in the nursing homes above should really be implemented comprehensively so that this covid disease prevention program can run well and can prevent the transmission of covid 19 to the elderly in the nursing home.

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