Our Role in Preventing the Transmission of Covid-19 for the Elderly

What are our role as Family, Orphanage Caregivers and the Community in Preventing the Transmission of Covid-19 for the Elderly?
Most of the elderly live with three generations / live with family / live with a partner and only a small number live alone. Therefore, to optimize the quality and save the lives of the elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the role and support of the family and community is urgently needed.
Our Role in Preventing the Transmission of Covid-19

What are the roles and family support for the elderly in preventing the transmission of Covid 19?

The roles and support that families and communities can provide to the elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic are:
  • Provide understanding to the Elderly (and the Elderly companion) regarding the Covid-19 pandemic patiently and according to the ability of the Elderly to capture information: using language that the Elderly understands, using assistive devices such as photos/pictures/videos regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, providing balanced information and instill an optimistic and positive spirit. Note that if the elderly have hearing problems, special ways need to be done so that the message is received properly.
  • If the elderly have an elderly companion who is not a family member, make sure the guard schedule continues, emphasizing the strict application of transmission prevention protocols.
  • Ensure the availability of masks, soaps, disinfectants for the cleanliness of the elderly's residence
  • Ensure the availability of nutritious food and if necessary take multivitamins for the elderly and their companions.
  • Be a good listener when the elderly need someone to talk to. Lead to talk about things that are fun and positive. While still paying attention to physical distance.
  • If possible, teach the elderly how to use long-distance communication tools such as cellular phones, and use virtual meeting facilities such as video calls using zoom, skype, cisco webex applications and others.
  • Invite, accompany and support the elderly to do gymnastics or physical exercise by using video tutorials of gymnastics and the like.
  • Know the elderly's hobbies and facilitate the elderly so that they can do their hobbies in the house or around the house/yard.
  • If the Elderly lives alone:
  1. Make a schedule of regular contact per day using a long-distance communication device, so that families can continue to monitor the elderly on a regular basis,
  2. Families can contact the village local leader to ask for assistance in monitoring,
  3. Fulfill the basic needs of the elderly (clothing, food, shelter), and the preventive needs of the elderly against Covid-19, while still paying attention to the transmission prevention protocol.
There are many roles and support that we can provide as families, communities, or caregivers for the elderly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for the elderly. Let's work hand in hand in handling and preventing the transmission of Covid 19 in our environment.

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