Internet Connection Sharing Windows 10 Setup

How to Internet Connection Sharing Windows 10 ? On a laptop or notebook using the Windows 10 operating system (OS) that is connected to the Internet, regardless of the internet connection, using a modem, LAN cable or Wifi connection, then you intend to share the Internet connection for other devices, to a computer (which has wifi) , to a laptop or notebok, Android or iOS smartphone, etc. 
The way is easy because Windows 10 already provides a facility called Mobile Hotspot. Mobile hotspot in Windows 10 is the same as Personal hotspot (tethering) on Android or iOS devices, namely a means to share an Internet connection.

How to setup Internet Connection Sharing Windows 10?

How to enable Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop.
  • Click on the Network logo on the bottom right (system tray). A small Network & Internet settings window will appear.

  • To activate the Mobile hotspot, just click on the Mobile hotspot box, so that it becomes blue which was gray. After the blue color means the hotspot is active and has been detected by a smartphone, laptop or computer that has wifi.

  • To set the Wifi name (SSID) and password, right-click on the Mobile hotspot box, then click Go to Settings.

  • To name the wifi and set a password, click on Edit.

  • Name the wifi/SSID in the Network name column, then write the desired password of at least 8 characters in the Netwok password column. Click Save to save the settings.

Now other laptops, smartphones, or other devices can connect to the Internet through this Windows 10 mobile hotspot wifi.
That's the tutorial on How to Internet Connection Sharing Windows 10. You can send questions, or other tricks related to how to share an internet connection on Windows by filling in the comments field below. Hope it is useful

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