How to Reset Epson L3110 Printer Complete Guide

The Epson L3110 is a series of Epson printers that are very popular today. This printer is known to have good print quality and unquestionable durability with proper and routine maintenance procedures carried out.
It's no wonder that many companies, printers and home users use this printer for various purposes, such as printing, scanning documents to photocopying the required files.
To keep Epson printers durable and have a long service life, it takes knowledge of how to use the device properly and perform maintenance procedures such as regular head cleaning.
However, even though routine maintenance has been carried out, there are times when the Epson printer experiences an error which is indicated by an orange blinking indicator light and cannot be used to print documents at all.

Causes of Errors on the Epson L3110 Printer

Actually, there are many things that can cause the Epson L3110 printer to experience an error which is marked by a flashing indicator light (blinking) and cannot be used to work as usual.
This problem could be due to a hardware or software problem. According to experience, what most often causes Epson printer error blinking is the waste ink full error problem, causing the over ink pad counter or the ink disposal counter to be full.
The Waste ink full error on the L3110 printer is different from the L series on other Epson printers, if the predecessor L series printer is marked with the ink and paper indicator lights flashing alternately, while on the L3110 printer the indicator lights will flash simultaneously.
This indicates that your printer is experiencing an over ink pad counter, namely the ink disposal counter is full in terms of the data system calculation, not on the hardware so that the repairs made are only on the system.
This error can be solved easily by resetting the printer using the Epson L3110 printer resetter software which will reset the ink pad counter to 0 in data.

Download Resetter Printer Epson L3110

To be able to reset the Epson L3110 printer, you need the appropriate resetter software or support for the printer.
You can search for this type of printer resetter yourself on google and download it for free, there are many sites that provide various types of printers including the Epson L3110 printer type. Or you can also get it at this Epson L3110 Resetter link.
After getting the resetter, you must install the reset application that was made specifically for the L3110 on a Windows PC or laptop that is connected to the Epson L3110 printer.

How to Install Resetter Epson L3110 Printer

After you finish downloading the Epson L3110 reset application, it's time to install the reseter on your computer or laptop to be able to reset your printer.
Before starting the installation and activation process, please temporarily disable the antivirus and Windows defender so that the process runs smoothly without any problems.

Here are the steps for how to install it.

  • Extract downloaded files with winrar
  • Open the Epson L3110 Reserver folder folder
  • Run Adjprog.exe by double click on the application
  • A new pop up window will appear showing your printer's Device ID Information
  • Paste the device ID and save it temporarily in Notepad by pressing the CTRL + V keys for the activation process
  • Next, please extract k3y93n and run WLGen_Epson L3110.exe
install epson l3110 resetter 
  • Click license manager
  • Then click the add license tab in the upper right corner
  • Fill in the required data including the device ID you saved earlier and click save
add license of epson L3110 resetter 
  • Then click the license that you have created and click the tab create license key
  • A file will be saved automatically to your PC, please open the folder
  • Right-click the License file and click Merge
  • The license will be automatically entered into the resetter program
  • Finished
After installing and activating correctly, then you already have the Epson L3110 printer reset software and can be used to reset the L3110 printer that is having problems.

How to Reset Epson L3110 Printer

Now you have resetter software that can be used to solve errors on the Epson L3110 printer. To run the reset process please follow the instructions below.
  • To start, please run the Adjprog.exe file by clicking 2 times
How to Reset Epson L3110 Printer 
  • Select Particular Adjustment Mode
  • Then select the waste ink pad counter
waste ink pad counter
  • Next select the main pad counter and platen plate counter by ticking the boxes provided
reset waste ink pad counter
  • Click the check button, then click the Initialize button and then click finish
  • A pop up information window will appear, please click OK
  • The reset process will be automatically started by the system and wait for it to finish 
The reset process usually runs for a while, if the reset process is complete there is usually a notification to restart the printer. All you need to do is turn the printer off and on again.
Up here you have successfully reset the Epson L3110 printer and usually the error on the Epson L3110 printer can be resolved. Then you can try to use the printer to print documents.

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