Dual Messenger : Two Whatsapp in One Phone

On this occasion, we will share an easy and fast trick to activate dual Messenger in one phone. However, the demonstration below will enable Two Whatsapp in One Phone.
There are many messenger applications such as whatsapp, facebook, telegram. Each of these messengers you can set so that it becomes a Dual messenger. What this means is that you can use two messenger accounts in one phone. How to? Read more in the tutorial below.

Dual Messenger : Two Whatsapp in One Phone

As we have said before, we will give you a trick to use two messenger accounts in one phone. In the tutorial below, we will implement it on whatsapp.
Alright, let's go straight to the tutorial on setting up two accounts in one messenger on Whatsapp. Smartphones or cell phones in general currently have two (2) SIM card slots, so we can use 2 different telephone numbers in one cellphone.
Likewise, for messenger applications such as WhatsApp that support us, we can use two different WhatsApp accounts (two numbers) in one Smartphone.
By using two WhatsApp numbers in one cellphone, we can manage or determine which are business or office matters and which numbers are for personal matters and so on through dual messenger settings on WhatsApp.
Smartphones are now generally equipped with the 'Dual Apps' feature, so that through this facility will appear any applications that support Dual Apps settings.
Dual Apps on Android devices can generally be accessed or found in the following ways:
  1. Settings > Apps > Dual Apps or
  2. Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger.

How to Setting Two Whatsapp in One Phone by using two different numbers

Let's just say the number on SIM 1 is already connected to WhatsApp (which is currently commonly used). and we will install WhatsApp on the SIM number 2. 
In the example settings below we use the Samsung Galaxy M12 Android Smartphone
  • Go to 'Settings'--> 'Advanced Features' --> 'Dual Messenger', a list of Apps that support Dual Messenger will appear.
advanced features dual messenger whatsapp

 dual messenger
  • Search for 'WhatsApp' then after finding it, slide the 'switch' to the right to activate the Dual Messenger option so that the color becomes blue from the previous gray.
 Two Whatsapp in One Phone
  • A new WhatsApp icon will appear on the front screen with a yellow sign.
  • Run the new WhatsApp then follow the WhatsApp installation steps as usual when we start installing WhatsApp. Use the phone number on SIM 2 for WhatsApp number registration.
After successful registration, we now have 2 WhatsApp applications with different numbers.
Congratulations, now you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone using two different numbers for business and personal purposes. Thus the Dual Messenger tutorial on the application of Two WhatsApp in One Phone.

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