Copy Paste in Word Well and Correctly

How to Copy Paste in Word Well and Correctly? One feature that can help ease our work in creating documents is the feature of copying words, sentences or paragraphs.
This feature can be done by using cut, copy and paste in Microsoft word. For example, there is a paragraph that we want to copy on the first page to be placed on page 2. Then we can take advantage of this feature so that there is no need to write it again.
There are many ways to copy paste in word and also cut paste there. In this Microsoft Word tutorial material we will cover it all. So that we can better understand what the options are, as well as the steps for using the cut, copy and paste features in MS Word, see below.

How to Copy Paste in Word

Copy is a command that has a function to copy text or other objects while maintaining the original object. If we want to get a copy of a part of the document text to another position, we can take advantage of the Copy feature in MS Word. Actually, not only text, we can also copy existing objects in your document. For example, the object is in the form of images, shapes and others.
The following is how to copy or paste in Microsoft Word.
  • Select the text of the document you want to copy by highlighting or blocking the text of the document.
  • Click the Home menu and then click the Copy icon in the Clipboard group. For a faster way, the copy command can be done with the keyboard combination CTRL + C.
  • Place the cursor at the position where the text will be pasted as desired.
  • Then click the Paste icon which is right next to the Copy icon. We can also use the quick way with the keyboard shortcut key combination CTRL + V.
  • After that, the copied text or object will appear in the position we want.
copy paste in word
Actually there are 3 quick ways to do a copy in Microsoft Word. In the method above I only mentioned 2 ways. First, through the Home menu by clicking the Copy icon. Second, with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C. Third, use right-click on the mouse and select Copy.

How to Cut Paste in Microsoft Word

Maybe in our document file there is a piece of text that is not in the desired position. So we want to move that piece of text to another position. We can take advantage of the existing Cut feature in MS Word.
Here's how to move text or cut paste in MS Word.
  • Highlight or block the text to be moved first.
  • Click the Cut button which is also in the Clipboard group. In addition to clicking from the mouse, we can also use the fast way by pressing the CTRL + X keys.
  • Place the cursor at the position where we will place the text.
  • After that click the Paste icon in the Home menu. For a quick way, you can use CTRL + V on the keyboard.
  • The copied text or object is in the new desired position.
cut paste in word

Just like Copy, to do Cut can use 3 ways. The first is to press the Cut button on the Home menu. The second is to use the keyboard combination CTRL+X. The third is through right-clicking on the mouse and selecting Cut.

What are the differences between cut and copy?

The difference between cut paste and copy paste commands is that cut paste is used to move text or objects. So the text or object will disappear from the initial place and then be displayed in the new location as desired. While copy paste is used to copy text or objects. So the text or object stays in its original location and will also appear in the new location according to the command.

Types of Paste in Microsoft Word

Paste is a command that is used after doing a copy or cut command. Paste function is to display the text of the document that has been copied or cut. Without this feature we cannot paste or place the text part of the document into the position we want.
To do a paste command, you can use 3 ways, namely by clicking the paste icon on the Home menu, through the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V and by right clicking on the mouse and selecting Paste.
There are several types of pasting options (Paste Options) that we can use according to the required results.
The following are various types of pasting (Paste Options) in Microsoft Word.
  • Keep Source Formatting (K), this paste option is used to copy the original format of the document text.
  • Merge Formatting (M), is used to combine the original format of the document text with the format in the intended position.
  • Keep Text Only (T), is used to display text only regardless of the format.
That's the tutorial how to copy paste in Word and also Cut tool. Isn't it difficult to use the features above? It turns out that there are many ways to operate. Of course we can choose according to our wishes and habits.

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