Tab in Excel : Definition and their Complete Functions

The tab in excel will appear when the ribbon setting in mode is displayed. What are ribbons? Ribbon menu in Excel started from Microsoft Office 2007 to the current version that I use, namely the Excel version 2019. 
The meaning of the Excel ribbon is a set of command buttons in MS Excel which are grouped in tabs according to the similarity category of their functions.

How many tab in excel and their functions

Until the current version I use, namely Excel 2019, on the ribbon view there are tabs Starting from the Home Tab, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, Review, View and other hidden tabs.
The following is an explanation of each tab in Microsoft Excel and their functions, including the following:
Home Tab
This tab is often used in managing data in Microsoft Excel; in this home tab there is all information about text, about cell format, font type, font size, tabs formatting, inserting and deleting columns. In the Home Tab there are also ways to change the cell styles, format the table, also enter data automatically, sort and search for data.
home tab in excel
Insert tab
This tab is used for everything we need to input from photos, shapes, clipart, graphics, text boxes and others.
insert tab in excel
Page Layout Tab
This tab has commands for customizing the page such as margins, orientation and theme.
page layout tab in excel
Microsoft Excel Tab Formulas
This tab has commands to use when creating Formulas. This tab has a large library of functions that can be helpful when creating formulas or functions in your spreadsheet.
formula tab in excel
Data Tab Excel
This tab allows you to modify worksheets with large amounts of data by sorting and filtering as well as analyzing and grouping data.
data tab in excel
Review Tab
This tab allows you to fix spelling and grammar problems and set security. It also provides track changes and notes, the feature provides the ability to take notes for documents changed by other users.
review tab in excel
View Tabs in MS Excel
This tab allows you to change the appearance of the document
view tab in excel
Thus a brief and complete explanation of the ribbon, Tabs in Excel and their functions. Each tab contains a variety of command buttons that are grouped according to the similarity of their functions.

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