How to Type Degree Symbol in Word Very Fast n Easy

How to Type Degree Symbol in Word easily and perfectly and very fast? Degree symbols are very common and well known in the world of mathematical science. This term is often used to mean temperature or angle. An example is the temperature in degrees Celsius, degrees Kelvin, degrees Fahrenheit and the like.
In a written work, the writing of degrees is generally preceded by a number or in other words the degree symbol is located behind a number. For example, in writing the temperature after writing the number, it is followed by the degree symbol and then followed by the type of degree unit.

What is the sign and function of the degree symbol?

The shape of the degree sign is a small circle that is higher or above the average letter. While the function of the degree symbol is to help simplify and recognize the calculation process related to angle or temperature.
In the Microsoft Word application, the MS Word application already has a degree symbol feature that you can insert into your document. How to? Follow the following tutorial for more details.

3 Way How to Type Degree Symbol in Word Perfect, Easy and Fast

Below is a short, easy and clear and perfect tutorial about three (3) ways to insert degree symbols in MS Word using two ways.

The first way is to insert the Degree symbol.

The easiest way to insert a degree symbol is to use the Tab Menu Insert feature. The step by step steps are as follows:
  • Open the Microsoft word application or open a Word document.
  • Make sure the cursor is where you want to add the degree symbol.
  • Then click the Insert menu.
  • Click Symbols. Several symbols will appear.
  • Click on the More Symbols button to display more symbols.
  • Slide the roller up and down to find the degree symbol.
  • When you have found it, then click on the degree symbol.
  • Then Click the Insert button.
  • The last step is to close the symbol menu window by clicking cross on the Insert Symbol window.
How to Type Degree Symbol in Word

After you have done the steps above, make sure the results are as shown in the image above

Second way How to Type Degree Symbol in Word using Superscript

Step by step insert degree symbol using Superscript is as follows:
  • Open your Word document.
  • The second stage, place the cursor on the part where you will insert the degree symbol.
  • Type the letter o using the keyboard (the letter is not a zero, and do not use a capital letter).
  • Do the block letter o.
  • Click the Home menu.
  • Click the Fonts toolbar
  • The Font settings window appears > select and check the Superscript option
  • Click the OK button.Then the letter o will turn into a degree symbol (o).
insert degree symbol in word superscript

The third way is to insert a degree symbol using a shortcut key

This is the fastest way and you can do it easily and quickly by using the Microsoft Word shortcut key feature.
The method is as follows:
  • Open a Word document
  • Type the letter o and block the letter
  • Press on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + + at the same time
  • Done, the letter o turns into a Degree symbol
shortcut key degree symbol superscript
Thus tutorial 3 ways How to Type Degree Symbol in Word very quickly, easily and perfectly. Very easy isn't it? Please you can apply it to your document. Happy working.

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