Strikethrough in Word : How to and The Function

When editing a document sometimes we need to scribble with the aim of showing the word or sentence is wrong. Usually this is done when correcting a document. Microsoft Word as the most popular word processor has a Strikethrough feature to help us scribble on text. 
There are 2 options that can be used, namely regular strokes (Strikethrough) and double strokes (Double Strikethrough).
Strikethrough is a feature in Microsoft Word software that has a function to scribble on text in documents. This feature can be accessed via the toolbar in the Font group. In addition to the toolbar, users can also access it from the Font dialog box.
In addition to showing the wrong word or sentence, the strikethrough command is also sometimes used to cross out text that is considered unnecessary. Then how to use it? In this Microsoft Word study material we will discuss 2 ways. Please see below.

Cross Out in Word with Strikethrough

Similar to the bold, italic and underline commands in Word, the strikethrough button is on the Font toolbar. Precisely located to the right of the underline button. The scribble form of this feature is only 1 line.
The following is how to cross out text in word using strikethrough.
  • Block or highlight the text you want to cross out.
  • Click the Home menu.
  • Click the Strikethrough button. 
single strikethrough in word
  • Then the highlighted text becomes crossed out.
 single strikethrough word
There are no keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys to activate strikethrough. However, to remove the streak, we can use the keyboard's hotkeys by pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR.
Well, the way above is to cross out with 1 line. There is another option in MS Word which is to cross out with 2 lines or double strokes.

Strikethrough Text in Word With Double Strikethrough

The double strikethrough feature does not have a dedicated toolbar or keyboard hotkeys. This feature can be accessed only through the font dialog box. So we have to open the dialog box to use it.
Here's how to strike out text in Microsoft Word with double strikethrough.
  • Highlight the text to be crossed out.
  • Click on the arrow button in the left corner of the Font toolbar. Then the font dialog box will appear.
font toolbar in word
  • Check the Double strikethrough option to cross out the text with 2 lines.
Double Strikethrough in Word
  • Click OK. Then the text display is crossed out.
How, easy is not it? The same as the first method, to remove the streaks on the text can use the CTRL + SPACEBAR keys.
Actually, the official use of double Strikethrough has no specific meaning. We can use both types of strokes as we wish.


Unlike bold, italic or underline features, the Strikethrough feature is still relatively rarely used. Although rarely used, the Strikethrough feature is quite important in some situations. Especially in the process of editing and correcting Word documents. With this feature, users can mark incorrect text so that the document owner can correct it.

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