Toolbox in Photoshop and the Functions

In this chapter, I will discuss about graphic design, namely all Toolbox in Photoshop from Adobe Corporation and their functions. Why is it necessary to study this?

The Important of learning Toolbox in Photoshop

Before learning and using Photoshop further, it would be nice for us to learn and get to know the tools in the Photoshop toolbox and their functions, because by understanding the toolbox, it will be easier for us to manipulate image objects.
Toolbox in Photoshop itself means the equipment used to process images, which are generally the toolbox located on the left side of the Photoshop worksheet.
Okay, let's get straight to the core of the material, below is an explanation of all Toolbox in Photoshop and their functions briefly, concisely and clearly.

List of Toolbox on Photoshop with shortcut letter symbols

Toolbox in Photoshop and the Function

  • Shortcut A: Marquee tool
  • Shortcut L: Move tool
  • Shortcut B: Lasso tool
  • Shortcut M: Magic wand tool
  • Shortcut C: Crop tool
  • Shortcut N: Slice tool
  • Shortcut D: Healing brush tool
  • Shortcut O: Brush tool
  • Shortcut E: Stamp tool
  • Shortcut P: History brush tool
  • Shortcut F: Eraser tool
  • Shortcut Q: Paint bucket tool
  • Shortcut G: Blur tool
  • Shortcut R: Dodge tool
  • Shortcut H: Selection tool
  • Shortcut S: Horizontal type tool
  • Shortcut I: Pen tool
  • Shortcut T: Rectangle tool
  • Shortcut J: Notes tool
  • Shortcut U: Eyedropper tool
  • Shortcut K: Hand tool
  • Shortcut V: Zoom tool
What are the functions of each Toolbox in Photoshop above?
The following is an explanation of the function of each toolbox mentioned above.
  • Marquee tool: To make an ellipse or box-shaped selection
  • Lasso tool: For free selection
  • Crop tool: To crop the desired area
  • Brush tool: To draw in the form of a brush
  • Stamp tool: Used to make duplicates as desired
  • Eraser tool: Used to erase the desired object
  • Blur tool: To make objects blur
  • Selection tool: To move the canvas
  • Pen tool: To draw straight lines and curves
  • Notes tool: To take notes
  • Hand tool: To move objects or images
  • Move tool: To move the currently active canvas selection
  • Magic wand tool: Make selection based on color group
  • Slice tool: To make objects or images separate
  • Brush tool: To draw with a brush in the form of paint
  • History brush tool: For continuous undo
  • Paint bucket tool: To give or change the color of graphic objects
  • Dodge tool: To adjust lighting
  • Horizontal type tool: To create a horizontal typeface
  • Rectangle: To create rectangles, polygons and custom ellipses
  • Eyedropper tool: To select, create foreground and background colors
  • Zoom Tool: To make the view big and small
Thus the reference article about the toolbox in Photoshop and its functions briefly and clearly, may be useful.

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