Principles of Communication : Mother & Health Workers

In communicating with mothers, health workers need to adhere to the Principles of Communication. What are the principles that you must use and apply in carrying out two-way communication so that what is the goal of the communication itself is achieved.
Principles of Communication

The 12 Principles of Communication

Below are 12 principles for communicating with mothers when providing services to them in terms of maternal and child health.
  1. Make the mother feel comfortable and well received.
  2. Be friendly, respectful and non-judgmental.
  3. Use language that is easy to understand and simple.
  4. Every time you want to carry out an examination or clinical procedure/action, ask the mother for approval and explain the procedure to be carried out.
  5. Summarize important information including information on the results of routine laboratory tests and treatment.
  6. Make sure the mother understands the signs of danger/emergency, treatment instructions, and when she should return for treatment or check herself. Ask the mother to repeat the information, or to demonstrate medication instructions.
  7. Perform counseling, history taking, and examination in a private room and closed from the view of others.
  8. Make sure that when talking about sensitive/private matters, no one else can hear the conversation.
  9. Ask the mother for approval before talking to her family.
  10. Do not discuss mother's secrets with co-workers or other parties.
  11. Make sure all records are completed and stored neatly and kept confidential.
  12. Restrict access to documents containing mother-related information only to health professionals concerned.
Often the information provided by health workers is not applied or used by mothers because they are not understood or not in accordance with their conditions or needs. This can happen because the communication that occurs between health workers and mothers occurs only in one direction so that mothers do not get sufficient support to apply the information.
Thus the 12 Principles of Communication that should be used by health workers when communicating with mothers in providing the best service to them.

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