Palette in Photoshop Types and the Function

Talking about the palette in Photoshop, this feature you can use to edit and process images or graphics with ease. The palette feature is very effective in being able to change, organize and select various editing and processing images or graphics.
palette in photoshop
Picture 4 palette
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The Types of palette in Photoshop and their Functions

There are many types of pallets that you can use to process and edit graphic images so that they become images according to your wishes or your customers. The following is a list of pallet names in Photoshop
Navigator Palette : To be able to change the view large or small by using the zoom slider
  • Info Palette: Used to display color composition information and pointer position on objects
  • Color Palette: To be able to choose the desired color, either background or foreground
  • Swatches palette: To be able to collect colors, and choose a mix of available colors, each color can be added, saved and deleted.
  • Styles palette: To be able to change effects on objects on the canvas
  • History Palette: This palette is used to save the changes you made so that you can make corrections to some changes
  • Action palette: Used when you are going to record a series of commands, so you can automate work by grouping commands into an action and playing them
  • Layers palette: To be used to display, change, delete objects or images that are on the canvas
  • Channels palette: This palette is used to store color information
  • Paths palette: This palette is used to create, delete and activate paths. Path is an object created by stringing some curved lines and straight lines from one point to another
  • Character Palette: This palette is used to set the character format, making it easier to edit and manipulate text.
  • Paragraph Palette: This palette is used to organize paragraphs, making it easier to change paragraphs

That's a little knowledge about graphic design about the types of Palette in Photoshop and also their functions. Hopefully helpful and useful.

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