Layer in Photoshop Types and Functions

Photoshop provides a variety of features in editing images, one of which is layer in Photoshop. In the layers palette, we can arrange layers from one layer to another, between one object and another object or image so that it becomes an attractive object or image.
To be able to add or change an object easily by using the layers palette. The trick is to simply press Add a layer style, Add layer mask, create a new set, create new fill or adjustment layer, create a new layer and delete layer. As seen in the image below:
Layer in Photoshop

Layer in Photoshop and Their Functions

  1. Blending mode: To change the blend mode or set the pixels on the active layer to mix with the layer below it
  2. Add a layer style: To add a layer style
  3. Add layer mask: To add a layer mask
  4. Create a new set: To add a layer set
  5. Create a new fill or adjustment layer: To create a fill or adjustment layer (a screen for changing the coloring of the image)
  6. Create a new layer: To create a new layer
  7. Delete layer: To delete the screen
  8. Indicates layer is partially locked: To indicate the layer is locked
  9. Active layer: Objects or images on the canvas can be changed or edited if the active layer is blocked
  10. Opacity: To set the transparency value

Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop

Layer style is a collection of layer effects to beautify objects. You can activate Layer style via Menu > Layer > Layer Style, as in the image below
Layer Style in Photoshop

Layer Style in Photoshop

Functions in Layer Style

Drop Shadow: To be able to add a shadow effect behind the object
  • Inner Shadow: To add a shadow effect inside the object on the sides
  • Outer Glow: To add lighting or light to the outside of the object
  • Inner Glow: To add lighting or light to the inside of the side of the object
  • Bevel and Emboss: To add shadows and embossed effects with certain shapes and slopes
  • Satin: To add a lighting effect to the inside of an object, so that it looks like satin
  • Color Overlay: To overlay or cover objects with a certain color
  • Gradient Overlay: To overlay or cover objects with a certain gradient color
  • Pattern Overlay: To overlay or cover objects with a certain pattern
  • Stroke: To add a border to the object, with a certain color gradient and pattern.
That's a brief, concise and clear description of layer in Photoshop and their functions. By using the layer feature, you can create or edit and beautify your images with satisfaction.

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