Deep Cleaning Printer Epson Fastest

Deep Cleaning Printer Epson means that we will try to do maintenance on Epson printers that are devoted to full cleaning of the ink channels on the head cartridge. This kind of maintenance is also known as Head Cleaning

Why Should You Deep Cleaning Epson Printers?

You need to do deep cleaning on the head cartridge when the printouts of your document are not clearly visible. For example, the printout is lined or the writing is not clearly legible.
Deep cleaning on this Epson printer head can be done either on one ink only or on both types of ink. For example, you want to do a deep cleaning on a black cartridge head or only color ink.

How to Deep Cleaning Epson Printers Quickly and Easily?

Here, will share a tutorial on how to Deep Cleaning the Epson Printer head quickly and easily. How do friends? Follow the full tutorial below.
There are several ways to do Deep Cleaning on Epson Printer Heads, but in the following tutorial we will share the easiest and fastest shortcuts.
We need to explain first, that in this head cleaning tutorial, we are using Windows Server 2012. However, you can also implement the following tutorial on other versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other versions of Windows.

Step By step How to Deep Cleaning Epson Printer

The first step, go to the system properties Printer from your computer, in the following way:
  • Start > Devices and Printers
start devices and printers
  • Click Printers and Devices
  • Select your Epson Printer, Right click then Then Select Printing Preferences
printing preferences
  • Select the Maintenance tab > Head Cleaning
deep cleaning printer espon
  • The Head Cleaning window appears > Click the Start button to start the Deep Cleaning or Head Cleaning the Printer.
start head cleaning deep cleaning
  • Wait until the Head Cleaning process is complete
  • The Epson Pinter Head Cleaning window appears complete, there are two key restorations, namely:
  1. Finish, when you click this button, you end the deep cleaning process and will return to the printer maintenance window.
  2. Print Nozzle Check Pattern, clicking this button means that it will instruct the computer to print and check the success of deep cleaning, namely the condition of the print results after deep cleaning. Is it printed perfectly or not. If the printout is not perfect, for example, there are still lines, the printout is not legible, then you can try to deep clean the printer head several times.
finish head cleaning deep cleaning
The Guide to choosing the Cleaning head type in the Maintenance option
In the tutorial above, we demonstrated it using an Epson l13110 printer. On some other series smart. There are several head cleaning options, here are some maintenance options for head cleaning on other versions of Epson printers
  • Cleaning: this option will work for lighter ink cleaning functions (recommended before heading to Head Cleaning)
  • Head Cleaning: useful for deeper cleaning to perform cleaning (draining ink) or known as Deep Cleaning.
  • Nozzle Check: Checking the current print condition
In some types of printers, Epson only has one option, namely Head Cleaning (Deep Cleaning). However, there are also several versions of other Epson printers that have two cleaning options, namely cleaning and head cleaning or deep cleaning.
When doing Cleaning or Deep Cleaning the Epson printer (Head Cleaning) or after printing the Nozzle Check, you should give a gap of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This aims to avoid damage due to the heat of the cartridge.

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