Canvas Background Color in Photoshop

How to setting up Canvas Background Color in Photoshop? Color is indeed a very important element in graphic design, because with color a design will look attractive.

In the Adobe Photoshop application there are many ways to give color to an object. For this article I will discuss about how to give a background color to the canvas or work document in Adobe Photoshop.

Giving color to the background is certainly very important, because that is the basic color in an image or photo. There are so many ways to give a background color, and this tutorial applies to all versions of Photoshop.

Giving color to the background is still basic, also when viewed from the level of difficulty. It's still very easy. We just go with the easiest way.

By Using Solid Color

First, we are required to create a new working document. By clicking the 'file' menu and selecting 'new'. Or you can press 'CTRL+N' on the keyboard.

new document

Next, we will be faced with the option to set the working document that we will use. Here we can freely set it as needed, I give an example like this.

background layer

After the working document appears, click the “Create new fill or adjustment layer” icon which is below the layer. Then select 'solid color'.

adjustment layer

Then a variety of color options will appear that we can choose as we wish, I gave an example by giving blue.

solid color canvas

And our working document has been colored by the color we chose earlier.

Solid Color background

By Using the Pen Tool

As I have discussed many times before. The pen tool is a tool that has a variety of functions, one of which is that it can give color to the background.

First, select the pen tool with 'shape' mode.

shape mode

Then we give points on each outside like a rectangle.

rectangle shape

After the points are formed, double click on the shape layer and a color option will appear to give color.

shape layer

I again gave the example of wearing blue.

Canvas Color

And here is the result.

Canvas Background Color

By using the pen tool, we can not only color the background. But it can only be done by coloring some of the parts according to the points that we place.

Using the Shape Tool

Similar to the pen tool, by using the shape tool we can color the background. The difference is, with the shape tool the method is simpler.

First, select the shape tool with 'rectangle' mode.

rectangle mode

Place the cursor at the top left of the document, try to be outside the working document. Then drag using the cursor until it covers the entire working document.

working layer

After that, the same as using the pen tool. Select the shape layer and choose the color you want.

shape layer

shape layer color

By Using the Paint Bucket Tool

First, we first change the color of the foreground color according to the color we want. By clicking on the foreground color icon, it will display color options.

Choose color

Choose color

Select the paint bucket tool

paint bucket tool

Click anywhere on the working document, then the document will automatically be filled with the foreground color that we have chosen earlier.

foreground color


Those are some ways that we can do to give the background color to the canvas in Adobe Photoshop.

If we examine again, of course there are still ways to give color. We can freely choose which method we will use according to our needs. Hopefully this article helps friends who are learning design about Canvas Background Color in Photoshop.

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