Save PowerPoint as Video in One Click

How to save powerpoint as video on ppt document? You can easily convert presentation slides that you have created using Microsoft PowerPoint into video.
So that you can present the presentation slides using non-computer audio visual media. Like for example on the autorun DVD player and or the like.

Tutorial How to save PowerPoint as video

The tips below will give you a quick and easy guide via the Export menu or convert powerpoint as video. In the demonstration below we are using ms PowerPoint 2019. How are the steps? Read the complete guide below
To be able to save, convert or export PowerPoint to video, the bay steps are as follows:
  • Open your PowerPoint (ppt) file
  • After that, go to the File> Export tab.
  • Select the Create a Video.
export ppt to video
  • Configuration video output 
save powerpoint as video
  • Continue by pressing the Create Video button.
  • The Save As dialog box appears, specify the file storage folder video 
  • then press the Save button. Instantaneous process creation presentation file into live video starts indicated with Process indicator appears in the status bar.
  • Done. Finally, open the video file from the export ppt to video
Tips and trick 
Important tip: how to adjust the duration between presentation slides when played as a video. When the powerpoint file is turned into a video, the ppt slides will change automatically without being controlled. So, the only way to make the presentation slides in the form of a video alternate with one another is to arrange them in the content Seconds spent on each slide.
seconds spent on each slide
How to Set the duration of each slide using the seconds spent on each slide as shown in the image below

Benefits of saving powerpoint as video

Some of the benefits that you can get from exporting ppt to video are as follows:
  • You can burn it on VCD or DVD media so you can play it on VCD media or DVD player.
  • Upload your presentation file on online streaming web such as YouTube and the like.
  • Send your presentation file via email in the form of a Video Presentation.
The quality of video presentations that you can make from ezport powerpoint to video include:
  • Ultra HD (4K) : largest file size and ultra-high quality (2880 x 2160)
  • Full HD (1080p) : large file size and full high quality (1440 x 1080)
  • HD (720) : medium file size and moderate quality (960 x 720)
  • Standard (480) : smallest file size and lowest quality (640 x 480)
ppt video output
This is the tip of the tutorial How to save PowerPoint as video quickly, easily and does not require third-party software such as a video converter or a ppt to video converter.

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