Light Effect Photoshop with Easy and Simple

On this occasion, discussing Photoshop tutorials about light effect Photoshop easily and simply. So, on this occasion we will practice Photoshop tricks to adjust the lighting on a digital photo.

Light Effect Photoshop with Adjustment features

The lighting on photos produced from digital cameras and or the like may sometimes feel less right or not as desired. So, to solve this problem, you can use an image editor program such as Photoshop or other image editor programs.
In the following demonstration we are using Adobe Photoshop by utilizing the Adjustment feature. How to?
How to give a light effect in Photoshop is very easy and fast, below is a brief explanation can be quick. The steps are as follows:
  • Open the Adobe Photoshop application program
  • Open the image that you want to give light effect
open images photoshop
  • Click on the Image menu > Adjustment > Then select one of the available options. Among the light effect options you can choose from include:
  1. Brightness. this option will function Adjust the brightness of the photo
  2. Exposure, the exposure feature will adjust the light and dark parts of photos or digital images
  3. Saturations, functions to adjust the color saturation effect
  4. Levels, this option will work. Adjust the photo light with curves
  5. Shadow / Highlights, will give a shadow or light effect to the photo
  6. HDR Toning, works by giving HDR effects to photos 
  7. Others options,  just like on below picture
light effect photoshop

Please arrange and customize it to your wants and needs. But my recommendation is not to score too low or too high so that the results are proportional.
You can do the tutorial above independently and always try to make lighting settings to produce the best light effect for your favorite photo or image.
That's a simple trick, easy and fast tutorial about Light Effect Photoshop. This tutorial aims to adjust the lighting in a photo or digital image to suit your needs.

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