How to Create Table of Contents in Word

How to Create Table of Contents in Word? Table of Contents is an important part of writing a paper, book or the like. The presence or absence of a table of contents in a written work will make a very significant difference.


With the Table of Contents, it will be easier for readers to find pages that are aimed at a particular material.


If a book or electronic or manual written work is not accompanied by a Table of Contents, the reader will not know which one will be discussed and on what page is needed.


How to Create Table of Contents in Word


The following is a step bye step on how to create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word. In the tutorial demonstration example below, we are using Microsoft Word 2019. However, you can apply this tutorial to other versions of Ms Word.


The steps to create a table of contents


  • Open the Ms Word application
  • Open the document in which you want to create a table of contents.
  • Determine which will be the Title of the chapter and sub-chapter.
  • Block The chapter title:
  • Then click 'Heading 1'
heading 1 in word
Heading styles
  • Right click Heading 1 and select ‘modify’

modify heading 1 

  • The following screen will appear and set it according to your wishes then click 'OK'
heading 1 modify style
Modify style
  • When a number appears, delete the number, set the alignment to center.
  • Block back the chapter title, then right click. Select the 'Styles' menu 'Update Heading 1 to Match Selection' as shown below.  

update heading 1 style

Creating Sub Chapter or heading 2


After creating the chapter title is complete, block the section that will become a sub chapter and select Heading 2 


heading style in word

  • Result of Heading 2 Style

heading 2 style in word

  • Set the numbering style as needed

change numbering style

  • Result of numbering style heading 2

heading 2 style

  • Block back the title of the sub chapter, 
  • Then right click. Select the 'Styles' menu 'Update Heading 2 to Match Selection' as shown below.
style heading 2
Update heading 2
  • Result of Update heading 2 to match selection
modify heading style

For the creation of the next sub-chapter, hover the cursor on the first sub-chapter that was created above, and click 'Format Painter'.

format painter
Format painter
  • Then click the mark on the next section so that the format is the same as the first section.
  • Perform the steps above for the creation of the next chapter and sub-chapter titles.

format painter word

format painter heading 2 word

Create Blank Page for Table of Contents Page


After the document creation is complete, make 1 blank page to make a table of contents. In the following way, namely:

  • Place the cursor at the top of the page as follows:
  • Then click 'Insert' and click 'Blank Page'
insert blank page
Insert blank page

Create Table of Contents

Click the 'References' menu 'Table of Contents' and select 'Automatic Table 1'

references table of contents
Table of contents

Then a display will appear as shown below and the table of contents has been completed.

How to Create Table of Contents in Word
Table of contents view


That's a short, concise and clear tutorial on How to Create Table of Contents in Word. With the steps above, your document will look more elegant and easier to search for a particular material.

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