How to Create Microsoft Word Outline

Microsoft Word Outline is in the group view which is useful for writing an outline and summary of the document being worked on. What are the other functions and how do I create them?
Outline in Microsoft Word can make it easier for us to create a navigation pane and table of contents when making scientific papers using Outline.
Using this Outline can save time, the process is very easy, looks simple, and obviously won't damage documents that are hard to make. The outline can serve as a replacement for the Heading Style which is generally a bit complicated to apply.

How to Create Microsoft Word Outline?

Below is a step by step how to make an outline in Microsoft Word correctly and precisely. The steps for making an outline are as follows:
Make chapter titles, for example: 
Click the View menu select Outline so that the following display will appear:
view outline ms word
Figure 1. Sub Menu Outline

Point the cursor on CHAPTER 1 then click 'Body Text' and select 'Level 1'
So that the result looks like the following:
Microsoft Word Outline
Figure 2. Image of Sub Menu Outlining

Do the same in CHAPTER 2 and CHAPTER 3.
To prove that the outline was successful, the screen on the left will see a document map as follows:
heading using outline word

As we have said above, once you have successfully created an outline, you will also be able to create heading styles and create a table of contents easily and quickly without having to go through a lengthy process.
In the example demonstration above, we are using Microsoft Office Word 2019. However, the above tutorial can also be implemented in other versions of Microsoft Office Word.
Easy and simple right? That's the word tutorial on how to create Microsoft Word Outline in ms Word documents easily and simply.

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